Password Stress Beware: NordPass Is Here

Ruth Rawlings
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Back in June, we let slip that we were working on something special — a password manager designed for simplicity and security. Fast forward to today, and we’re proud to say that our baby’s finally ready.

World, meet NordPass.

But first — a big thank you

Before diving into what makes NordPass great, we’d like to thank the people who made it great to begin with.

That’s you. The Nord community.

So here’s a big shout out to the 4,000+ people who shared their thoughts on password managers. Here’s a wholehearted thanks to the 2,000 closed beta testers and nearly 30,000 Early Access users. And let’s not forget the countless Nord fans whose tweets, posts, and shares kept our spirits high all throughout.

Thank you for being part of this incredible journey.

And now, on to stress-free password management.

What makes NordPass special?

Nobody wants snoops in their online accounts. Your password is your first line of defense, but many people eventually fall into bad habits to save time. High-profile data breaches keep hitting the news every day, yet over 80% of people happily reuse passwords across multiple sites.

So we thought, why compromise? From the get-go, we designed NordPass to combine the latest developments in password security with a user-friendly experience.

The results speak for themselves. Just listen to our beta testers:

  • “It’s design is familiar and easily accessible. Like other in browser cookies that remember your data but now with Nord strength protection.

  • “User friendly, nice design.”

  • “Easy to get set up and going.”

  • “Of all the password managers I've used, it offers the best UX, which is something <..>”

  • “Its simplicity, minimalistic approach without “distracting” features. Straight to the point and need of a password manager”

Top security

NordPass stores your credentials in a secure vault, which is protected with XChaCha20 encryption (using Argon2 for key derivation). Only you know what’s inside — data is encrypted on your device, so we have no idea what you’re backing up on our servers. That’s zero-knowledge architecture in action.

zero knowledge

Want to make your vault even more secure? Turn on Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). Now, in addition to guessing your unique master password, hackers need to get their hands on your phone or email to access your credentials.

Effortless management

You only need to remember a single password with NordPass — your Master Password. Once you’re in, the app will store existing passwords, suggest strong new ones, and automatically fill them in on your next visit. You can sync data on as many devices as you need with one NordPass account, meaning your login info is always on-hand.

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Like to share accounts with friends and family members? Then you’ll love our Shared Items tool. Give other trusted NordPass users secure access to items in your vault at any time. And once shared, NordPass will continue to protect these items on the other person’s side, too!

And if you were using a different password manager before, you can easily transfer your credentials over to NordPass with our Import function.

Secure storage for what matters

NordPass isn’t just a safe space for passwords — you can store your private notes and credit card information, too. Once your sensitive data is encrypted, you safely pay for things online, validate your identity, or even share certain passwords with people you trust.

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Universal availability

NordPass extensions are available for all major browsers — Chrome, Edge, Opera, Firefox, Brave, and Vivaldi. You can also download native apps for iOS and Android.

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Act fast to save up to 50% on NordPass Premium with our 2-year plan. We also have a free version with the basic features, in case you want to check NordPass out before buying. Remember — like all Nord products, NordPass is covered by our 30-day money-back guarantee.

In fact, if you’re already a NordVPN user, you don’t need a separate account for NordPass. Download the app, log in with your existing credentials, and see what a world without password stress looks like.

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