Things You Can Forget to Remember with a Password Manager

Monica Webster
things you can forget to remember

You check your phone for the first time in an hour and see it’s blown up with multiple messages and missed calls from your spouse: they have been working from home and desperately need to connect to the Wi-Fi for an important meeting, but they can’t find the router's password. Luckily, you’ve saved the Wi-Fi password in your password management app. The day has been saved.

Automatically filling login credentials isn’t the only thing a password manager is capable of. Storage, file sharing, and organizational features – these are just a few things you’ve forgotten to remember about your password manager.

Online or off, a password manager is a necessity

Many people automatically associate password managers with the myriad of their online accounts, ranging anywhere from shopping and emails to social media. But storing passwords isn’t the only trick software like NordPass has up its sleeve. Here’s what else you can do with a password manager:

  • Device information. Need the serial number, insurance details, or warranty info for any of your devices? An excellent way to stay on top of your continuously growing collection of devices is to store all the details in one place with a Secure Note.

  • Storing sensitive identification. Whether it’s passport numbers or medical records, you can store anything you’d rather keep private and extra secure. With NordPass, you can even share Secure Notes containing this sensitive information, giving a trusted friend or family member access to important details they may need.

  • Miscellaneous passwords. Remember that not all electronic passwords are solely for your online activity. Forgot your Wi-Fi password or a PIN for an old phone you need to extract important files from? You can store all these in your NordPass app.

  • Time wasted on creating strong passwords. No need to rack your brain trying to figure out a suitable enough jumble of letters and symbols. NordPass will automatically generate high-strength, unique passwords for you.

Storing sensitive or private details in a password management app requires a hefty load of trust on your behalf and is a big ask on ours. That’s why NordPass has invested in top-notch security to keep your information secure.

Secured with biometrics and next-level encryption

NordPass’ security is powered by XChaCha20 encryption. While that may not mean much to the less tech-savvy, this encryption protocol is currently employed by a large portion of Silicon Valley tech giants.

A no-logs policy from NordPass means that you will be the only one who can access your encrypted vault with a Master Password. Take care to not disclose this password to anyone else.

Seamless synchronization across multiple devices

Having the password manager app on your phone means you have all the information you may need on hand instantly. Need your child’s passport details? On your phone. Your grandmother’s recent medical records? On your phone. Instead of digging around old paper files hidden away in your home somewhere, you can just keep everything safe and sound in the app. A perfect timesaver and anti-frustration tool.

But that’s not it. Any devices that are logged into the NordPass app with your account will automatically synchronize and back up all your encrypted data via cloud storage. Should you lose or break your device, so long as you remember your login details and master password, all that information is readily accessible.

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