Password Sharer: Securely Share Sensitive Information Without Worry

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So your friend asks for your Netflix logins, or maybe your business partner needs credentials to access your company network. But you know that sharing sensitive data such as passwords over a messaging app or email poses all sorts of risks. Now your mind starts to race. You think of all that can go wrong. Identity theft or maybe a data breach. What do you do?

You use Password Sharer — our latest end-to-end encrypted tool purpose-built to help you securely share passwords, secret messages, private links, and other sensitive information with anyone on the web.

Leaked passwords lead to data breaches

Login credentials remain at the top of the hacker's list of data they're after. Usernames and passwords open all sorts of doors and opportunities for bad actors. The Verizon 2022 Data Breach Investigations Report found that 50% of analyzed incidents and data breaches worldwide were caused by stolen or otherwise compromised credentials.

Ensuring the security of our login details has been a struggle ever since the advent of the internet. Too often, we opt for simple and easy-to-remember passwords. For the longest time, keeping your passwords in a simple text document or even on a sticky note has been accepted as normal practice.

The same can be said about credential sharing. To this day, the attitude when it comes to password sharing remains something along the lines of “No one cares about my passwords anyhow. It's no big deal if I send it over a messaging app, and I'll change it soon, so there's no harm.” But as we see time and again, having a lax attitude towards security can have real-life consequences.

Sometimes sharing sensitive data over the internet securely can be a hassle, and it can drive people to make not the best of decisions security-wise. And that's one of the primary reasons we decided to develop Password Sharer — a tool that lets you share sensitive data safely with anyone on the web.

What is Password Sharer?

Simply put, the newly introduced Password Sharer is a secure and easy way to share sensitive data over the internet with anyone you want.

Speaking technically, Password Sharer is an end-to-end encrypted online tool that helps you securely share sensitive information such as passwords, credit card numbers, or secret messages with anyone online. The great thing about Password Sharer is that it does not require any software on your device to function — it is an entirely online-based tool, which means anyone with access to the internet and a browser can use it.

  Password Sharer

Discover a quick and secure way to share passwords

  • In the message box, you can simply type out the sensitive information you want to relay.

  • Then you need to click the “Generate secure link” button.

  • Now you can copy the link and share it via email or messaging app.

Please note that the shareable link is valid for 24 hours.

Password Sharer is the perfect tool in situations when you need to share sensitive data securely quickly. Say you need to pass on your bank account details to a family member, or maybe you need to share your passport details with a friend booking a trip for you both. There are a variety of situations where Password Sharer can be of great assistance.

On to the next one

We hope Password Sharer will make your life easier and much more secure. As we continue on our journey, we look forward to hearing from you on how we can make the online world safer and your favorite password manager even better. We're already working on new features and functionalities, and we hope you're excited about what's coming.

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