Saily Review: Evaluating the New eSIM App from Nord Security

Maciej Bartłomiej Sikora
Content Writer
Saily esim app review

Here at Nord Security, we take great pride in the fact that we offer a wide range of quality cybersecurity products and services, including NordPass and NordVPN. Each product we deliver has its own identity and is developed by a dedicated team, making it feel like each is a unique division within the company.

This actually allows us to try something a bit out of the ordinary — right now, the NordPass team will give an honest review of Nord Security's latest product — Saily. Why? Because we're not shy about critiquing our colleagues' work. In fact, by sharing constructive criticism, we can all better understand where we stand, which helps us deliver an excellent experience for our users. So, let’s get started.

First things first — what is Saily?

Saily is an eSIM application that allows users to switch between mobile carriers and plans on their devices without dealing with any physical SIM cards. In other words, it enables you to activate a cellular data plan, just like with a traditional SIM card, but without having to buy or insert a new card.

Since no physical SIM cards are involved and everything happens in the app, Saily lets you quickly compare and select data plans from different vendors, so you don't have to sort through a bunch of SIM card packages and plan details. Basically, it's meant to be a quick and easy way to switch your mobile carrier whenever you like.

Why would you want to use this app?

While the description itself might already give you some ideas about how Saily could be helpful to you, we will now explore some of the key benefits in more detail.

Saily is designed for anyone traveling to a different country, but it's especially useful for frequent travelers like business professionals and globetrotters. With Saily, you can keep your phone number and use the app to get as much cellular data as you need during your trip.

For those who need to stay connected while traveling, Saily eliminates the hassle of switching SIM cards or paying for costly international roaming plans. So, for global sales managers, for example, it's an affordable way to stay in touch with clients and teams almost anywhere they are at the moment. For world travelers, it's a way to get internet data for maps and guides, helping them make the most of their trips.

How does Saily work?

We were really impressed by how user-friendly the app is. Creating your account is incredibly simple and takes less than a minute. But the best part is how quickly you can switch mobile carriers and choose a plan — it's just as fast!

The way it works is you browse the list of countries or use the search feature to find a specific one, compare the carriers and plans for that location, pick the one that suits you best, and you're good to go.

Saily is compatible with both iOS and Android, so you can download the app from the AppStore or Google Play in no time. If you have any service-related questions, there's a 24/7 customer support chat ready to help. However, the app is so intuitive and easy to use that you'll probably never need customer support for app-related issues — perhaps only for specific carrier questions.

What about the price of Saily?

According to user feedback from multiple platforms, Saily is among the most cost-effective eSIM apps on the market, offering great value.

First, Saily is available in more than 150 countries and territories, including the United States, Brazil, Australia, Japan, Turkey, and China. Creating a Saily account is free, and the price of your plan depends on the country, carrier, and plan you choose. The most affordable plans start at just $2.49.

Speaking of data plans, Saily offers several options for the carriers in each country. You can choose anything from 1GB for 7 days to 20GB for 30 days, depending on your needs. For payment, you can choose from various options like credit or debit cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and PayPal.

Quick summary

  • Functionality

    Changing mobile carriers and selecting different data plans on a device

  • Plans

    Multiple data plans, ranging from 1GB/7 days to 20GB/30 days

  • Cost

    Starting at $1.99

  • Countries


  • Compatibility

    iOS, Android

  • Support

    24/7 live chat via the app

  • Payment method

    Credit or debit card, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and PayPal

  • Our score


Saily is an app that does exactly what it is supposed to do. It lets you switch mobile carriers quickly and use data plans to avoid high roaming costs. This means you can access the internet without a hitch, wherever you are. The app is incredibly user-friendly and requires no expert knowledge to get started.

One drawback is that Saily doesn't offer unlimited data plans for now, so if you're traveling for more than 30 days or use a lot of data, you might need to buy additional cellular data plans. We hope this will be addressed in the future, but despite this limitation, Saily is an almost perfect app that delivers on its promise. We're really proud of the team behind it and are excited to see Saily become the next big product in the Nord Security lineup.

Give it a try and form your own opinion

While our Saily review can give you quite a good understanding of what the app does and how it works, there’s nothing quite like experiencing it for yourself. That's why we suggest you go to the App Store or Google Play, download and install the Saily app on your device, and try it on your next trip. We think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Also, while creating a password for your Saily account, remember to make it unique and strong. Consider using NordPass to generate the password and safely store it, along with all your other passwords and passkeys. For more information, visit

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