Should Couples Share Passwords?

Lukas Grigas
Cybersecurity Content Writer
love should you share your passwords

So what's the deal with password sharing? Would you give your partner the password to your banking account but not your phone? Is laying all your codes on the table a sign of trust or a massive security risk? Should couples share passwords at all? While it can help to build trust with a partner, sharing your passwords isn't always the best idea.

We are asking some basic questions on a very touchy subject just to help keep your security tip top. Don't worry — we're not judging your loving relationship. We just believe in safety precautions no matter what, and you will too once you get a dose of reality from these not-so-lovely situations.

It's all about how you share them

Sometimes the risk isn't who you share your password with, but how you do it. Sharing your passwords over the internet, whether over unencrypted email or messaging apps, is like sharing them in plain view of the world. The next time you think about doing this, remember that any of the following situations can take hold (without you even knowing).

  • Your messaging app may not be as honest as you think. A messaging app without end-to-end encryption has full access to everything you send. End-to-end encryption means that the only person who can read your message is the person you send it to. Sounds like a given, right? Not when you consider the genuine possibility that your messaging app could be giving employees access to your private conversations.

  • Man-in-the-middle attacks. It's true, attackers lurk in the middle of an exchange waiting to steal vital information, like passwords, credit card numbers, addresses… you name it. Without end-to-end encryption and zero-knowledge architecture, your credentials could be exposed, and a cybercriminal could be in and out of your bank account within seconds.

The easy way to share passwords securely

Looking at the potential risks that one might face when trying to share passwords online, it is quite natural to question whether couples should share passwords at all and is it worth the risk? The good news is that there’s a way to share passwords securely.

Obviously, the best defense is encryption. A messaging service or website using end-to-end encryption makes sure your data is kept safe from attackers. Password managers like NordPass help you store and share your passwords in a completely secure way.

With NordPass, encryption happens on your device, scrambling your data into gibberish before it even reaches the servers. This way everything you send remains locked, even from us – until it reaches your verified recipient.

NordPass Family is a great way for couples, families, or even groups of friends to further improve their online security. The Family plan comes with six Premium accounts and includes all the advanced security features. Best of all — you’ll be able to share passwords with other NordPass users instantly and effortlessly without sacrificing security.

The takeaway

Matters of the heart aside, always think twice before you send a password by text or messaging apps. Even if the service offers encryption, subpar ciphers and weak protocols can be broken by even a mediocre cyberattacker.

Sending a password securely with NordPass is easy. It locks your sensitive credentials in an encrypted vault. You can select them from a simple drop-down list and send in complete confidence.

The internet's primary concern and priority is functionality. Your security and privacy probably aren't. Don't risk all of your accounts over something as small as sending a password.

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