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Today, we’re thrilled to launch the beta version of the much-requested and long-awaited Shared Folders feature. Starting today, the feature is available for all NordPass Enterprise users. Shared Folders aims to skyrocket productivity and simplify daily operations in large organizations. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

What’s all the hype about Shared Folders?

Sharing information quickly, smoothly, and securely is of utmost importance in day-to-day office life. Just think of how many times you need to access specific online services or accounts each day to carry out even the simplest of tasks. Any hindrance in sharing data costs time, can cause frustration of epic proportions, and negatively impact the overall productivity of not just a single employee but the entire team, which by extension, can adversely affect revenue. You get the idea.

Shared Folders are here to counter these hindrances and help you improve operational efficiency within your company without compromising security — that’s what all the hype is about.

Functionality and real-life use cases

Shared Folders allow NordPass Enterprise members to seamlessly share multiple items at once. Shared folders are perfect for cross-team collaboration and other types of joint projects.

Say the marketing team works on the project with the sales department. The marketing team has prepared content for a campaign that the sales team will carry out. That content needs to be shared, but security checks are in place: usernames, passwords.

Thanks to Shared Folders, the marketing team can create a single folder in NordPass Enterprise that comprises all the required passwords and usernames and share it with the entire sales team rather than sharing the credentials with each member separately. New items added to the shared folder will instantly be available to anyone who has access to the folder.

To ensure complete security, Shared Folders allows only the folder owner to manage access privileges. The owner can easily set boundaries on who can move items, create new ones, and share the folder with other members.

Please check out our support page for in-depth information on how Shared Folders works and how you can harness all that the new feature offers.

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Member tips: How to make the most of Shared Folders

  1. Use shared folders to stay organized.

    Consider the ways that access to sensitive information is managed in your company.

    Do individuals with the same role need access to the same single-license software credentials? Do certain teams need to pull up the same corporate credit card information time and again? Or is access to sensitive information more fluid — changing with each project?

    The answer could also be “all of the above.” In any case, you can use Shared Folders to group credentials, secure notes, personal information, addresses, and payment information so that anyone who needs them can readily get access.

  2. Establish a consistent naming convention.

    To make sure your folders stay organized, we suggest establishing a standard for naming folders. Ideally, the folders’ names will clearly identify either what is stored inside or who needs access — at a glance.

    Depending on your organizational setup and chosen grouping convention, you might name a folder “Human Resources” or “Black Friday Promotion.”

  3. Practice good access rights hygiene.

    Ideally, only members who need access to passwords and sensitive information to do their jobs properly should have it. Keeping access rights lean is part of what Shared Folders are designed to do.

    We suggest auditing access to Shared Folders as needed. For example, if you created a dedicated folder for a limited-term project, consider revoking access to the folder once the project concludes.

More to come

At the moment, the Shared Folders feature is in its beta phase. This means that we’ll add to Share Folders' functionality as we progress in its further development. It is not the final version yet, and we have great ideas to improve it.

But that’s not all that we’re working on. NordPass Enterprise users can anticipate even more features that will boost productivity and will simplify the day-to-day operations of large organizations without compromising security. So stay tuned!

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