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Top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas that Your Employees Will Love

Lukas Grigas
Cybersecurity Content Writer

With Halloween behind us and Thanksgiving just around the corner, we can already feel the Christmas season closing in. For most, the festive season is all about taking things slow, contemplating about the upcoming year and sharing our joy with family and friends.

But the spirit of Christmas is not limited to just family and friends. If you run a business, you know this all too well. The festive season marks the perfect time to show appreciation for your employees and colleagues. Often, that appreciation takes the form of gifts, yet finding what your employees will enjoy and love can be tricky, to say the least. But we’re here to help. Today, we’ll be looking at some Christmas gift ideas we think your employees would totally love.

Subscription for audiobooks

Books are the classic go-to gift for many, and that’s quite natural. You can’t go wrong with a good book as a gift, provided that the person on the receiving end is someone who enjoys reading.

Audiobooks make great gifts because you don’t have to leave your home to get them. They also keep the physical stacks from growing. And, when it comes to audiobooks, Audible is one of the top places to be. A premium Audible subscription makes for an excellent gift because the person receiving the subscription is the one who chooses the actual book or books. After all, you can’t be expected to know the intricate literary tastes of every single employee. And, if they don’t happen to enjoy audiobooks, Audible also offers a whole bunch of amazing podcasts.


Mental well-being app subscription

Peace of mind. Everybody loves it, everybody needs it. The speed at which most of us live nowadays can be detrimental to our mental health. We all know that, but finding the time to consciously relax and decompress is often challenging. This is where apps such as Headspace and Calm come in handy.

Every employer knows that a rested and relaxed team performs immeasurably better than one on the verge of a burnout. It’s not rocket science. Gifting your employees a Headspace subscription will show that you care and will actually be helpful as the app offers a variety of meditation guides designed to help overcome anxiety, stress, and other mental health-related challenges.


MasterClass online courses

Pretty much everyone has a thing that they strive to get better at. It might not always be related to the job, but pursuing goals that we’re passionate about is what drives us forward. And who wouldn't want to learn music from Alicia Keys or polish their jumpshot under the guidance of Steph Curry? Well, MasterClass is a place where you can find such lessons. It is an online platform that provides curated video lessons from the masters of their craft. Think of a MasterClass All-Access as a gift that will inspire your employees in all facets of their lives.


Video-streaming subscription

Who doesn’t love a good movie or a TV series? Most of us unwind with a movie or a TV show after a long day's work. And, in most instances, we turn to a streaming platform for that content our busy brains crave so much.

Giving your employees a streaming platform subscription, whether it is Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, HBO Max, or any other, will surely put a smile on their faces. If you’re not sure which service to pick out of the many on the market, consider discussing with your team what they would love the most.


NordPass Premium subscription

In a world where no one can escape passwords, a tool that is designed to tame them is essential. In today’s world, a password manager is a must-have tool. Just think how many different passwords you use to protect your online accounts. Keeping track of them all is a challenge, to put it mildly.

This is where NordPass Premium steps in and makes online life easier. It is a perfect gift for employees as it takes the digital load off their shoulders. With NordPass Premium, password security is simple and secure. You can safely store and access passwords whenever you need them. Even when you’re offline. Also, with NordPass, your employees can save time by automatically filling their passwords, credit card details, and personal information. The added bonus of giving a NordPass Premium subscription to your employees is the fact that their password security habits will improve, and those habits will likely spill over in a workplace environment. Getting multiple NordPass Premium subscriptions is easy and quick, you can get them instantly on Amazon.

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