Top 5 Christmas Gifts Your Employees Will Love

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With Halloween behind us and Thanksgiving just around the corner, we can already feel the Christmas season approaching. For most, the festive season is all about taking things slow, contemplating the upcoming year, and sharing our joy with family and friends.

For businesses, the festive season marks the perfect time to show appreciation for employees and colleagues. Often, that appreciation takes the form of gifts, yet finding what gifts your employees will appreciate can be tricky. But we’re here to help. Today, we’ll be looking at some Christmas gift ideas we think your employees will love.

Audiobook subscription

You can't go wrong with a good book as a gift, as long as the person receiving the gift is someone who enjoys reading. The only problem is that finding the right book for an avid reader can be tricky.

Audiobook subscriptions are a great Christmas gift because your employees can choose exactly what they want and haven't read yet. And when it comes to audiobook subscriptions, Audible is one of the best places to go. A premium subscription to Audible makes a great gift, and if the recipient doesn't like audiobooks, Audible offers a whole range of amazing podcasts.

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Mental well-being app subscription

The speed at which most of us live can be detrimental to our mental health. We all know that, but cultivating the ability to relax and decompress is often challenging. This is where apps such as Headspace and Calm come in handy.

Good employers know that a rested and relaxed team performs immeasurably better than one on the verge of burnout. Gifting your employees a Headspace subscription will show that you care and will be helpful because the app offers a variety of meditation guides designed to help overcome anxiety, stress, and other mental health-related challenges.


MasterClass online courses

Just about everyone has one thing they strive to be better at – it might not always be related to a job. Pursuing goals that we’re passionate about is what drives us forward in various aspects of life. And who wouldn't want to learn music from Alicia Keys or polish their jump shot under the guidance of Steph Curry? Well, MasterClass is a platform where you can find lessons taught by the best-known people in their industry. Think of a MasterClass All-Access subscription as a gift that will inspire your employees in all facets of their lives.


Video-streaming subscription

Many of us unwind after a long day at work by watching a movie or a TV show. And in many instances, we turn to a streaming platform for that content.

Giving your employees a streaming platform subscription, whether Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, or HBO Max, is sure to put a smile on their faces. If you’re not sure which service to pick out of the many on the market, consider discussing with your team which one they would most appreciate.


NordPass Premium subscription

In a world where no one can escape passwords, a tool that is designed to tame them is essential.. Just think about how many different passwords you use to protect your online accounts. Keeping track of them all is a challenge.

This is where NordPass Premium steps in and makes online life easier. It is an excellent holiday gift for employees because it takes the digital load off their shoulders. With NordPass Premium, password security is simple and secure. Your employees can securely store and access their passwords whenever they need them, even offline. NordPass also saves time by automatically filling in passwords, credit card details, and personal information. Giving a NordPass Premium subscription to your employees has an advantage – their password security habits will improve, and those habits may spill over in a workplace environment. Getting multiple NordPass Premium subscriptions is easy and quick from such platforms such as Amazon.

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