Compliance made easy: Introducing Vanta integration

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vanta x nordpass partnership

Achieving and maintaining prestigious security compliance certificates like SOC2, ISO 270001, or HIPAA is not an easy venture. The company must put forth a tremendous amount of effort and resources into preparing for compliance audits and assessments. Luckily, Vanta, the leading trust management platform, makes collecting the proof required for certifications much easier. And now, with its integration with NordPass, this strenuous process becomes even more automated, faster, and less demanding for the company.

As with all great partnerships — the integration of our business password manager with a popular trust management platform means much more than just a sum of features. Read on and discover how your business can benefit from integrating NordPass and Vanta.

Customers choose companies they trust

According to The State of Trust Report 2023, 70% of business and IT leaders say that better security and compliance strategy builds consumer trust, positively affecting the business. Cybersecurity gives the company a real competitive advantage during sales conversations, especially if it is audited and approved by external certifications.

The problem is that security and compliance specialists often hit the wall because they lack the stuff and budget required to achieve or maintain such certificates. That’s where Vanta, the leading trust management solution, comes in handy. It automates much of the work involved in preparing for audits and assessments, as well as maintaining already gained certificates. In turn, Vanta can save the company lots of time, effort, and money.

Vanta, combined with NordPass, can transform your entire experience with the certification process. Now, let’s discuss the integration, its benefits, and how easy it is to implement.

Benefits of integrating NordPass with Vanta

Many of our clients requested the Vanta integration feature. We are very happy to answer the calls as the update holds many benefits for organizations. Let’s take a look:

  • Automating SOC2, ISO 270001, and HIPAA certification processes

Reliable security and compliance certificates require collecting vast amounts of information and proof. If this is done manually, it puts tremendous pressure on the company's resources. Integrating NordPass with Vanta provides organizations with real-time password management data and points directly to areas in need of improvement.

  • Prioritizing gap resolution over data collection

Streamlined, automated data collection allows employees to focus on what’s the most important — identified risks and issues related to password security and/or compliance. No more precious company time gets spent on gathering data manually and fixing errors, the natural consequence of handling such tasks by hand. Therefore, prioritizing gap resolution saves money but also enables organizations to optimize employees' time.

  • Strengthening the company’s overall security and compliance

The unified approach to cybersecurity streamlines business password management and compliance workflows. It enforces consistent password policies, fortifies access control, and ensures you meet the audit requirements. Vanta and NordPass integration results in a more secure and compliant organizational environment, safeguarding your company from cyber threats.

Effortless API integration

We put a lot of effort into making the Vanta and NordPass integration as user-friendly as possible. In fact, you don’t even need a tech person to achieve it.

All you need to do is go to the Integrations tab in your NordPass Admin Panel and choose to connect with Vanta. You’ll be asked to reenter the Master Password to your administrative business account and confirm the integration. The entire process is as straightforward and uncomplicated as setting up an average application for private use.

How else can we make your work easier?

With Vanta’s expertise in trust management and NordPass’ robust password management capabilities, achieving and maintaining prestigious security certificates like SOC2, ISO 270001, and HIPAA has never been easier. Effortless API integration makes a unified approach to cybersecurity and compliance accessible to both tech and non-tech users. Go on, say goodbye to manual processes, and embrace your company’s new security posture.

At NordPass, we’re dedicated to providing organizations with solutions that boost productivity and simplify day-to-day security operations. In the near future, expect more innovative features to enhance current functionalities and address ever-changing security challenges. Keep an eye out for the upcoming updates!

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