A Week In The NordPass Office

Lukas Grigas
Cybersecurity Content Writer
a work week at nordpass

If we had one word to describe the vibe at the NordPass office, “dynamic” would be it! The office is lively, somewhat hectic, always exciting, and never boring. Every day is different, though we have certain traditions for each day of the week, and they are what keeps us connected. Today we’re taking a closer look at what office life is like at NordPass. Wondering what it's like here Monday through Friday? Jump right in and find out.

Monday: The NordPass update meetup

Needless to say, Mondays can be tough. Most of us struggle with the challenge of having a great weekend and then getting back on track.

Here at NordPass, we kick Monday off with the weekly NordPass update meet. Well, truth be told, we actually start the day with a nice cup of coffee in our kitchenette area. Once coffee is out of the way, we have our weekly meetup.

It is here that we look back at the previous week and discuss the upcoming one. We discuss our general progress so we’re all on the same page and share what each team has been and will be working on. The meetup covers business news, sales numbers, the introduction of new hires, marketing project overviews, and engineering projects and features an open Q&A session.

In addition, we tend to engage in some fun to counter those Monday blues. Quizzes are always a hit. Just before the meetup starts, we enjoy some tunes to get into the mood. We even have a meetup playlist where everyone’s welcome to add music they love. All of this helps us stay on the same page as a unit, helps us deal with Mondays, and fosters a great community.

Juicy Tuesdays

Tuesdays are the juiciest day of the week. Quite literally. Every Tuesday we take the time to make fresh juice and enjoy a dose of vitamins together. It can be a much more creative endeavor than you’d imagine. Mixing and matching different fruits and vegetables yields interesting results, to say the least.

Find more content about what’s it like to be a part of the NordPass team on our LinkedIn page

Wednesday: a day for fitness at the workplace

We love staying healthy at NordPass. That’s why we have three in-house physical wellbeing consultants. And on Wednesday we enjoy some physical activity. We have scheduled in-person classes in the office’s “gym” areat. These classes include full-body workouts, simple consultations, and other activities.

Those working remotely can join the classes via an online stream from the comfort of their homes. Of course, fitness classes are not limited to Wednesdays, and you can schedule a class with other team members any day you like.

A few weeks ago, we did an in-depth interview with our physical well-being lead. Check it out for more information on how we stay healthy here at the NordPass office.

Bun Thursdays

Who doesn't love good pastries? We sure do, and we have them every Thursday, first thing in the morning. You know that everybody loves this day when you notice that each Thursday the office is particularly full. Everyone wants in on the action.

Once the buns are in the office, it's go-time. Usually we gather in the kitchenette area and eat as many pastries as we can. We have a nice big cup of coffee or tea. We chat and can feel the weekend coming up. Buns are always a sign that tomorrow’s Friday.

a work week at nordpass 2021

Friday: a day for getting together

Fridays at the NordPass office are great in a number of ways. For example, it is the day when we have our furry canine companions with us at the office. It’s a day of excitement and buzzing around the office. Good doggy girls and good boys are in charge of the good vibes.

work week at nordpass 2021

Another great thing about Fridays at NordPass is the get-togethers at the end of the day. We have snacks and drinks. We often do game nights at the same time. We chat, relax, and have fun. Fridays are also the designated days for team-building activities – always a good idea. At the end of the day, Fridays at NordPass are all about getting into the weekend mood.

work week at nordpass 2021

If you’re interested in being a part of the NordPass team, we’ve got great news: we’re always on the lookout for the best talent to join us. If you’re passionate about cybersecurity and would like to become a part of the NordPass office, do not hesitate and check out our careers page. We’ll be waiting for you.

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