What is Email Masking and How to Set It Up in NordPass

Lukas Grigas
Cybersecurity Content Writer
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In a world where email inboxes are constantly filled with spam and all kinds of phishing attempts, at NordPass, we’re thrilled to introduce Email Masking — another critical addition to our suite of privacy tools for our Premium and Family plan users.

Email Masking enables the creation of unique, disposable email addresses, fortifying your primary email against spam and cyber threats. Sounds like an awesome feature that you’d be up for? Let’s dive in and explore the ins and outs of Email Masking in NordPass.

What is Email Masking?

Email Masking is a feature that allows you to generate alternative email addresses linked to your main account. These email masks redirect all incoming messages to your primary email without revealing its actual address. This means you can use different emails for various online activities—like shopping, newsletters, or registrations—while keeping your primary email private and secure. It's an effective way to manage your online presence, safeguard against spam and phishing, and maintain control over who has access to your personal email address.

Benefits of using masked email addresses

Masked email addresses offer a straightforward yet impactful way to improve your online experience. They provide essential privacy, reduce inbox clutter, and enhance email security. Let's look at how these benefits are key in managing your digital presence more effectively.

Enhanced privacy and security. Masked email keeps your primary email address concealed, significantly reducing the risk of it being targeted in phishing attacks, data breaches, or other types of cyber attacks.

Spam reduction. By using masked emails for various sign-ups and subscriptions, you can effectively reduce the volume of unwanted spam and promotional messages, keeping your main inbox clean.

Data Privacy. Using masked emails helps prevent your primary email address from being collected and used for ad targeting and data mining, thereby preserving your online privacy.

Flexibility and control. In NordPass, you can quickly delete or disable a masked email as well as turn on or off the forwarding. This gives you more control over your online interactions and the information you share with various online services.

Peace of mind. Knowing that your real email address is protected adds an extra layer of security and comfort to your online life.

When should you use a masked email?

Masked emails are an excellent tool for various online interactions, especially when you want to protect your primary email from unnecessary exposure. Consider using them in the following situations:

Online shopping. To avoid promotional emails and spam from retailers, use a masked email. It keeps your main inbox clear of purchase-related clutter.

Online contests and giveaways. These often result in a flood of marketing emails. A masked email can easily handle this influx, keeping your primary email unaffected.

Buying or selling on online marketplaces. Maintain your privacy in transactions by using a masked email, avoiding potential spam from the marketplace or other users.

Newsletters and subscriptions. Dedicate a masked email for these to manage and track such communications without overwhelming your main email.

Temporary or disposable communication. A masked email is ideal for short-term engagements like event registrations or forum discussions, as you can discard it later.

Privacy and security concerns. A masked email is a safe bet whenever sharing your email feels risky.

In these instances, masked emails safeguard your privacy and keep your life online more organized.

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How email masking works in NordPass

The new Email Masking feature is a simple yet powerful way to keep your primary email address private. NordPass allows you to generate and manage unique email masks with ease.

Here’s how you can use email masks on the go:

  • NordPass will prompt you to create an email mask whenever you create a new online account.

  • Select “New email mask.”

  • That’s it, you’ve successfully created an email mask.

Below is a guide to setting masked emails, ensuring that you can protect your online privacy immediately.

  • Open NordPass and select the “Email Masking” tool from the sidebar.

  • Click “Create Email Mask.”

  • You’ve successfully created an email mask.

  • Now you have the controls to turn forwarding on or off.

  • You can copy your email mask and use it when creating a new account

  • If you no longer have use for the email mask, you can simply delete it.

Wrapping up

Email masking isn't just about keeping your email safe; it's about simplifying how you interact in the digital world, blending convenience and robust security together. By choosing NordPass Premium as your password manager, you also get access to Email Masking — a tool that seamlessly integrates into your daily online routine, offering peace of mind and ease of use. Elevate your digital experience with NordPass Premium and Family plans, where top-notch email, password, and passkey security meets user-friendly design.

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