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Simple and secure password management

Log in to your accounts effortlessly

  • Save time with NordPass and enjoy a smooth and secure online experience. Automatically fill your login credentials with just a few clicks and access all your favorite online accounts securely.

Store more than just passwords

  • Securely store sensitive data other than passwords, such as credit cards, personal info, and secure notes. Have access to it all across multiple devices, even when you’re offline.

Monitor your passwords

  • Use the NordPass discount code to get a Premium subscription and enjoy additional features such as secure password sharing, Data Breach Scanner, and Password Health. And generate strong, hard-to-hack passwords.

What our users say


Stephen Plustwik

May 1, 2020

Thank you NordPass

Thank you, NordPass Team— I am not overstating in saying that your Premium product is the best thing to happen to me all year! I wish that I had knowledge of it earlier, because it is saving me from all of my previous password pain!


Pramish Luitel

Jul 18, 2020

Best application

Its been nearly 7 months, I've been using NordPass and I loved it. My experience with NordPass is truly amazing where I can only rely upon storing my password. Thank you so much for your great service.

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Wesley Pittsenbarger

Oct 5, 2020

My favorite password manager

Hands down my favorite password manager. Really nice that it syncs up my passwords between my pc, tablet, and phone. Nord is one of my go to favorites.

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Get 1 Month Free With the NordPass Coupon

  • Get the 2-year NordPass Premium plan and receive 1 additional month of Premium for free.
Grab the Deal

30-day money-back guarantee