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Reduce Cyber Risk, Stay in Business

The NordPass Guide to Cyber Insurance in 2022

  • In the increasingly likely event that your business may be hit with a cyber attack, would you be able to stay solvent? With cyber insurance as your lifeboat, you can answer confidently, and this whitepaper will help you climb aboard.

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Inside, you’ll find everything you need to know when considering an investment in cyber insurance, including how to calculate and reduce your risk profile.

Through case studies, infographics, and examples, get up to speed with only the insights that you need — from leading cyber insurance experts.

Save hours of research. In this whitepaper, learn how to:

  • Calculate your risk profile
  • Respond to a ransomware attack
  • Meet the stringent requirements for cyber insurance
  • Close the door on cybercriminals by reducing your vulnerability
  • Avoid pitfalls from outdated misconceptions around cyber insurance coverage

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