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With your Android password manager save passwords in one place, autofill them, and access them wherever you go.

Get top-level security

Desktop or mobile, your passwords deserve the highest level of security. That’s why NordPass is built with zero-knowledge architecture, and your passwords are encrypted with the latest XChaCha20 encryption algorithm. To add an extra layer to your password security, you can also set up a third-party two-factor authentication (2FA).

Simplify your digital experience

NordPass was designed with simplicity in mind so you could manage your passwords with ease. Autofill them when you visit your favorite website, import your credit card details and change screenshots into secure text notes with the help of the OCR scanner.

Unlock the app how you want it

Your passwords are yours to have; no one should ever access them except you. Use biometrics like your fingerprint or your face ID to unlock your passwords instead of using a Master Password. Access passwords with a simple tap.

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