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A secure password manager for a smooth and worry-free online experience. Designed for your Android device.

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A password manager
for a better internet experience

Save and fill passwords on the go
No need to type or remember long and complex passwords. Securely log in to existing online accounts on the go and automatically save new passwords as you browse.
Secure not only passwords
Have your secure notes, credit cards, and personal information safely stored in NordPass along with your passwords. Access them all across multiple devices.
Arrange passwords your way
Use folders to organize your NordPass vault the way you like it. Access your passwords, credit cards, secure notes, and personal information even faster on your Android device.

features and tools

Designed to protect

  • Set up biometrics alongside your Master Password to securely access everything in your NordPass vault.
  • All your information is automatically encrypted using a powerful encryption algorithm and then stored in the cloud.
  • Only you know what you store in your vault, and only you can access it. We know nothing.

Password Generator

Generate unique and complex passwords with the NordPass Password Generator to protect the security of your personal online accounts. Learn more about Password Generator

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Password Health

Stop cybersecurity threats before they happen. Identify weak or reused passwords with the NordPass Password Health feature and improve them to secure your online accounts. Learn more about Password Health

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Data Breach Scanner

Find out if your sensitive information has been exposed in a data leak with the Data Breach Scanner. Secure any compromised accounts to prevent further cybersecurity threats. Learn more about Data Breach Scanner

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Secure Password Sharing

Enjoy stress-free password sharing. Don’t worry about exposing your passwords to malicious third parties — share them with other NordPass users and grant full or limited access rights whether it’s a family member or a co-worker. Learn more about Password Sharing

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