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Securely link the NordPass extension to the Chrome browser and manage your passwords as you browse.

Fast and secure
browsing experience

Autosave on the go
Have all your new login details automatically saved in your NordPass vault as you browse and enjoy a worry-free online experience.
Log in effortlessly
Forget about manually typing in your login details. Securely autofill them as you browse.
Shop faster and safer
Enjoy online shopping without interruptions. Save your credit card details and autofill them at checkout for a hassle-free shopping experience.

Built-in security

Our Chrome password manager extension is designed for utmost security. All the encryption and decryption happens locally, so your sensitive data stays out of harm's way.

Independently audited

Code, implementation, and the overall security of the desktop application as well as the browser extension have been independently audited by Cure 53.

Access on all Chromium browsers

  • Prefer Chromium, Brave, or Vivaldi? No problem. Our Chrome password manager browser extension lets you manage your passwords on other Chromium-based browsers.

Get NordPass for Chrome
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