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Get our Edge password manager extension and enjoy a seamless and secure online experience.

Secure and smooth
browsing experience

Automatically save logins
Signing up for a new account? Have your new login details instantly saved in your NordPass vault and enjoy a hassle-free online experience.
Log in on the go
Never type another password again. Securely access all your favorite online accounts by autofilling your login details.
Shop quickly
Securely store your credit card details in the NordPass vault and have them at your fingertips wherever you are.

Built-in security

Our Edge password manager extension won’t do any encryption or decryption in your browser — all data is handled securely on your local device. The extension only helps manage your vault, so your passwords enjoy top-notch security at all times.

Independently audited security

The overall security of the NordPass desktop application as well as browser extension have been thoroughly audited by Cure 53.

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