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A secure iOS password manager for a smooth and stress-free online experience.

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A password manager
for a seamless online experience

Automate your login process
Never type another password again. NordPass remembers long and complex passwords for you. Access your online accounts with autofill and automatically save new login details on the go.
Secure more than just passwords
Keep your credit cards, personal details, and secure notes safely stored across multiple devices. Access it all at your fingertips, whenever and wherever you are.
Keep your passwords organized
Use folders to have everything that matters neatly organized in your NordPass vault the way you like it. Sort passwords, credit cards, and personal information for a quicker and easier access.

Features and tools
designed to protect

Complete security

Password Generator

Improve your password strength and enjoy a worry-free online experience. Generate strong, complex passwords with the NordPass Password Generator. Learn more about Password Generator

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Password Health

Prevent security threats before they even occur. Use the NordPass Password Health to detect vulnerable, old, or reused passwords. Learn more about Password Health

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Data Breach Scanner

Check if your personal information has appeared in a data leak with the Data Breach Scanner. Change compromised passwords to stop further cybersecurity threats. Learn more about Data Breach Scanner

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Secure Password Sharing

Share passwords without a worry in mind. Make your password available to other NordPass users with full or limited access rights whether it’s family, friends, or co-workers. Learn more about Password Sharing

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