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Security doesn’t have to be complicated. Start your stress-free digital life with our Linux password manager.

Passwords while browsing

Only with browser extension you can autosave login credentials with a click and autofill them when you visit your favorite websites. Add browser extensions by opening NordPass app and heading to Settings.

Currently available on: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera and Brave.

Your security is Nr. 1

NordPass encrypts your passwords, notes, and credit card details, then stores them in a secure vault. Your passwords are safe on your Linux — all encryption happens locally, so any data that reaches our backup servers is meaningless to anyone but you.

Your experience is Nr. 1, too

Don’t replace password stress with password manager stress. NordPass is simple to use and comes with powerful tools to improve your online safety. Generate strong passwords on the spot, autofill online forms securely, and safely store important information without hassle.

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