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  • Secure and easy-to-use password manager for a seamless experience on your macOS device.

Password managerfor a smooth online experience

Automatically fill and save passwords
Simplify your browsing experience — autosave passwords as you browse and log in to existing accounts in just a few clicks.
Lock all that matters
Securely store not only passwords, but also credit cards, secure notes, and personal information. Access them all across multiple devices.
Manage passwords your way
Create folders to group your passwords, secure notes, and credit cards. Separate business from pleasure to find your login details even faster.

Features and toolsbuilt for security

Security you can trust

  • Passwords, credit cards, and secure notes are all locked under a Master Password created by you.
  • Your sensitive data is encrypted on your device and only then stored in the cloud.
  • We know nothing — only you can access and manage your passwords.

Password Generator

Create strong passwords and improve the safety of your online accounts with the NordPass Password Generator. Learn more about Password Generator

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Password Health

Check your password strength, detect potential weak spots, and update passwords to secure your online accounts. Learn more about Password Health

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Data Breach Scanner

Learn if you’ve been a victim of a security breach. Change your compromised passwords and monitor your credit card statements for suspicious activity to prevent cyberattacks. Learn more about Data Breach Scanner

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Secure Password Sharing

Safely share your passwords with other NordPass users without worrying about them falling into the wrong hands. Revoke sharing rights at any time to protect your data. Learn more about Password Sharing

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