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A password management solution for a secure digital life. Tailored for your Windows device.

A password manager
to simplify your online experience

Save and fill passwords on the go
Enjoy a secure and seamless browsing experience — with just a few clicks, save new passwords and log in to existing accounts on multiple devices.
Protect everything that matters
Have all your important data at your disposal. In addition to passwords, securely store credit card details, personal information, and secure notes.
Organize passwords your way
Organize your online accounts into categories for greater ease of use. Create folders to group passwords, credit cards, and secure notes the way you see fit.

features and tools

Built for security

  • Use a single Master Password or set up biometrics to protect your passwords, notes, and credit cards stored in your NordPass vault.
  • All sensitive information is fully encrypted on your device and only then uploaded to the cloud.
  • Your data is for your eyes only — no one else can access or see it.

Password Generator

Fortify the security of your online accounts by improving your password strength with the NordPass Password Generator. Learn more about Password Generator

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Password Health

Be one step ahead of bad actors — identify weak, old, or duplicate passwords with the NordPass Password Health tool. Learn more about Password Health

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Data Breach Scanner

Use Data Breach Scanner to find out if your personal information has been exposed in a data leak. Update the compromised passwords and keep your online accounts secure. Learn more about Data Breach Scanner

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Secure Password Sharing

Securely share saved passwords with your family, friends, or co-workers without worrying about exposing them to prying eyes. Grant full or limited access rights according to your needs. Learn more about Password Sharing

Dark Mode Joy for your eyes

Browse seamlessly with the NordPass browser extensions

Add the NordPass browser extensions to automatically save new passwords and log in to existing accounts in just a few clicks. Currently available on Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Brave, and Opera.

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