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Quickly input your data to NordPass with an OCR scan

What does the OCR scan mean?

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a technology used to recognize text in documents, photos, or image files. It scans and identifies text (printed, typed, or handwritten), and then converts it into editable file formats. It was invented back in the day when the only way to transform a printed document into editable text was to manually re-type it. This was time-consuming and prone to error.

Nowadays, you can find various ORC uses. For example, you may use OCR software to help you convert scanned paper documents into digital files, but you can also find OCR application in mobile apps, including NordPass. You can use its functionality to scan credit card details and import other sensitive data into apps.

What text does OCR scanner recognize?

It can recognize characters such as letters, numbers, and punctuation marks. It can also read different fonts and size of the text, as well as handwritten text. However, OCRs are limited to their lexicon — a list of words or characters it can identify. At the moment, NordPass can only recognize Latin characters.

How does OCR scanning work?

OCR scanning would be easy if all text was written in the same font and the same size; however, that is not the case. Therefore, any OCR scanner, whether it would be a software or a built-in feature, has to go through a complicated process to recognize your text. It can be divided into three stages:


Pre-processing. At this stage, an OCR reader scans the text and optimizes it so that it is easier to process. It clears up the image, removes artefacts and converts it into a machine readable format.


Character recognition. Now OCR can use an algorithm called “pattern-matching” to recognize letters and symbols. It analyzes the text pixel by pixel, looking for lines, closed loops, line direction, and line intersections. These patterns indicate what letter, number, or symbol the pixels represent.


Post-processing. This is where OCR programs work on making your text as accurate as possible. It uses a lexicon — a list of words that it can recognize — to compile your text. Some OCRs can even keep the same format of the document you’ve scanned.

How accurate is OCR?

Most OCR software provides 98%-99% accuracy, measured at the page level. This is more than enough, especially if you only plan to scan short pieces of text and numbers.

OCR scanner in NordPass: What can I use it for?

You can use the OCR reader in your NordPass app to scan and input your bank card details. So next time you’re shopping online, you won’t need to go looking for your wallet. You’ll be able to insert your payment details with a few clicks.

The NordPass built-in OCR scanner can also be used to save important information in the Secure Notes section. For example, you can scan and save your Wi-Fi password hidden at the back of your router, all the business cards in your wallet, as well as phone numbers, car numbers, voucher codes, or anything you want to keep in your secure vault.

Where can I find OCR in NordPass?


Open your mobile app and click on either Credit Cards or Secure Notes.


Click on the camera icon.


Point your camera at your card or any document you’d like to scan.


Edit the scanned data if needed and tap Save.

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