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Check your password safety by scanning data breaches

  • Use NordPass’s in-built data breach scanner to check whether your passwords or credit card details have ever been leaked.

What is a Data Breach Scanner?

  • Data Breach Scanner is an in-built NordPass Premium feature that automatically scans leaked databases and compares them to items saved in your vault. If any of your email addresses, passwords, or credit card details have ever been leaked, NordPass will list it in a prioritized list highlighting which breaches could affect you the most. The Data Breach Scanner also helps you identify where and when the leak happened and what type of data was compromised. Depending on the data that was leaked you will get tailored recommendations on best protection practices for the affected accounts.
  • If any of your passwords have appeared in a breach, we strongly recommend changing them immediately. Update them to a stronger alternative that is longer than 8 characters and contains multiple numbers, symbols as well as upper and lowercase letters. Also, make sure that the compromised password isn’t used to protect your other accounts. If so, change their passwords too.
  • If your credit card details have appeared in any breaches, we recommend checking your bank balance for any suspicious activity. If you suspect that someone might be using your credit card, report this to your bank immediately.

How to use the Data Breach Scanner

    1. Log in to your NordPass app.
    2. Select Tools from the menu in the lower left corner.
    3. Click on Data Breach Scan. (Only available on NordPass Premium).
    4. In the new window, click Scan Now and wait. It may take up to a few minutes.
    5. You should now see how many breaches your data has appeared in. You can also click on each item to see more information about where and when your data was leaked.
    6. Update your vulnerable password to protect your accounts.

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