Get real-time alerts when your email or credit card details appear in a data breach

Use the NordPass Data Breach Scanner to see whether your email addresses or credit card details have ever been leaked. Get real-time notifications in case your sensitive information appears in a breach.

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What is Data Breach Scanner?

Data Breach Scanner is a built-in NordPass Premium feature that automatically scans leaked databases and compares them to items saved in your vault. If any of your passwords, email addresses, or credit card details appear in a data breach, NordPass lists them for you, highlighting which breaches might affect you the most.

Data Breach Scanner is activated when you start storing your sensitive data in your vault. This feature also helps you identify where and when a breach occurred and what type of data was compromised. Based on the type of leaked data, you will receive tailored recommendations on the best protection practices for the affected accounts.

If any of your personal data appears in a breach, we recommend changing your passwords immediately. Update them to stronger alternatives that are longer than 8 characters and contain numbers, special symbols, and upper- and lowercase letters. Ensure that the compromised password isn’t used to protect your other accounts. If so, change their login credentials, too.

If your credit card details have appeared in any breaches, we recommend checking your bank balance for any suspicious activity. If you suspect that someone might be using your credit card, notify your bank immediately.

How to use Data Breach Scanner

  1. Log in to the NordPass app.

  2. Select “Tools” in the menu at the bottom left corner.

  3. Click “Data Breach Scanner.*”

  4. If you’re using this feature for the first time, ensure that you agree to the privacy policy.

  5. Add email addresses and credit card information that you want to monitor. You can remove your current details or add new information at any point.

  6. Verify the newly added items.

  7. In the new window, click “Start scan.” It may take a few minutes.

  8. Once the scan is complete, you will see how many breaches your data has appeared in. You can click on each item for more information about the breach.

  9. Update your vulnerable passwords to protect your accounts.

  10. Once you’ve updated the breached password, return to the unresolved breach report in the app and click “Mark as resolved.”

*Only available on NordPass Premium.

Receive-time breach updates

Breach Monitoring is an integral part of Data Breach Scanner designed to proactively monitor the email addresses and credit card details stored in your NordPass account. The app issues real-time notifications when any of your saved items appear in a data breach. Thanks to Data Breach Scanner, individuals affected by a breach can act quickly to minimize the potentially incurred damage.

The email address associated with your NordPass account and your stored credit card details will be automatically added to the monitoring list. You don’t need to do anything else – the data breach monitoring process is always running in the background.

Manage your passwords and passkeys easier and safer

Ensure hassle-free security for all your sensitive data.

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