Scan your passwords to find weak links

Use Password Health to check if your passwords are weak, older than 90 days, or used for several accounts.

password health report feature

What is Password Health?

Password Health is a NordPass Premium feature that scans all passwords stored in your vault and checks how vulnerable they are. Once the scan is complete, your vulnerable passwords will be divided into Weak, Reused, and Old.

If you have any weak passwords, that means they are not long enough and don’t contain a mixture of numbers, upper and lowercase letters, and symbols. The Reused tab will show you which of your accounts use the same password, and passwords older than 90 days will be displayed in the Old category.

Passwords that fall under any of the three categories are considered vulnerable, and it’s recommended to change them. You can use the in-built NordPass password generator to help you create strong and unique passwords.

NordPass Business solution Owners and Admins can identify if any of the company’s passwords are vulnerable and act to prevent any possible cyber security threat before it even happens. The password Health feature is a core tool which helps organizations Owners and Admins determine any vulnerability vectors that are related to password.

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