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What is a password vault?

A password vault is virtual storage for your login credentials, secure notes, and card details. You can see it as a digital safe provided by your password manager, where all your information is encrypted and then stored on the cloud.

Despite being a storage facility for your passwords, your secure vault performs various other functions too. It’s the place where you can import login credentials from other password managers. It’s also where your password manager keeps your autosaved logins, and where it takes the information to autofill login details on your favorite site.

Are password vaults safe?

Yes. However, when choosing the best password vault for your needs, you should pay attention to the encryption algorithm it uses and whether it has a zero-knowledge policy.

Encryption algorithms are important because the more difficult it is to break it, the less likely that a hacker will steal your passwords. Zero-knowledge policy ensures that your passwords are encrypted before they leave your device. It means that you hold the decryption key, and your password vault provider cannot access your passwords.

How secure is the NordPass vault?

NordPass encrypts your passwords with one of the latest encryption algorithms, XChaCha20. It supports a 256-bit encryption key, which has millions of combinations, meaning that it would take years for someone to guess it. Even if a hacker used brute-force software, breaking it would take a kind of supercomputer that currently isn’t accessible to anyone.

NordPass has also been built using a zero-knowledge architecture. Your passwords are encrypted on your device, meaning that you are the keeper of your decryption key. Your information stored on the cloud is inaccessible to NordPass employees — only you can see it.

In March 2020, NordPass underwent a security audit conducted by a respected third-party auditor, Cure53. NordPass passed it in flying colors and was commended for the efforts the team had put in ensuring user security. You can read more about the audit.

What to save in your password vault?

The more sensitive information your account holds, the more important it is to protect it with a unique and robust password. However, it’s close to impossible to remember them all. Therefore, we recommend saving the following account details in your password vault:

  • Bank account details and credit card information. These are especially sensitive and vulnerable. If someone gets hold of your banking data, you could lose your hard-earned cash or your identity.

  • Emails. Whether it would be a personal or a work email, they hold a lot of information about you. From important contracts and payment information to private conversations, they should stay secure and invisible to prying eyes.

  • Social media accounts. They may not seem like the obvious option, but social media accounts can lead to data breaches and identity theft. Quite often, hackers will break into people’s accounts and use their information in future attacks.

  • Productivity apps and websites. We tend to use so many apps and software that it’s hard to keep track of it. Though that doesn’t mean we should be reusing the same old password. Especially not when your password vault can remember all of them for you.

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