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Password management
made easy

Save passwords without leaving the browser

Logging in to a new account? Do it once, and NordPass will prompt you to save login credentials for later use.

Access passwords anywhere, anytime

With NordPass, access your passwords on desktop, mobile, browser, and even when you are offline.
Your passwords are always on hand, wherever you are: home, work, or on holiday.

Save time.
Let NordPass do the job.

Log in faster. Manage passwords in a click.

Save passwords in NordPass, and when you visit your favorite websites, it will fill your details automatically.
With NordPass, forget annoying and tedious password resets.

Effortless shopping and browsing

No need to look for your wallet. Store your credit card details in NordPass and autofill them when shopping online.
Save your personal information in NordPass. Find details, such as your work address, faster when shopping or creating new accounts.

Improve your security.
Protect your privacy.


Security you can trust

NordPass was designed by cybersecurity experts already trusted by millions of people worldwide. Its security was audited and verified by a third party.


Your data is for your eyes only

NordPass uses the latest technology to protect your passwords. Your data is secured in a way that only you can view and manage it. NordPass employees can't.

Start managing your passwords easier, faster and safer

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