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Peace of mind
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  • Enjoy quicker and more secure browsing, where password resets are a thing of the past. Introduce your loved ones to NordPass — a password manager with a family plan.

What isNordPass Family?

  • NordPass Family is a bundle with 5 unique NordPass Premium accounts for you and your 4 family members. The deal comes with all the Premium features and allows each account to store unlimited login credentials, securely share passwords, and access them on 6 devices simultaneously. This means you will always have your passwords with you.
  • Don’t worry — the accounts aren’t linked in any way, so your family can’t see your passwords. In fact, no one can. Your passwords are protected with XChaCha20 and zero-knowledge architecture, meaning that they are first encrypted on your device and only then stored in the cloud. If anyone tries to steal your details, they will only see gibberish.

Should I useNordPass Family?

  • Forgotten password resets are annoying — we’ve all experienced that. If you never forget your passwords, you most likely use the same password for all accounts, which makes them extremely vulnerable. Imagine that a hacker gets hold of that one and only password — they can now break into your online banking as well as your social media profiles without you even knowing.
  • Simplify your own and your family’s life by using a password manager. Not only can you store passwords in a single and secure place, but also find them whenever you need them, whether it’s desktop, mobile, or offline. With NordPass, you can also create complex passwords and never have to remember them.

What do I get with NordPass Family?

5 accounts for you and your family

  • Get 5 unique accounts and enjoy all NordPass Premium features: unlimited passwords, secure sharing, and access on multiple platforms.
  • Each family member can use NordPass on up to 6 devices. No need to log back in when you switch them.

Your passwords are always at hand

  • NordPass recognizes your favorite websites and offers to fill your details automatically. Goodbye, password resets!
  • Find passwords whenever you need them, even offline. NordPass automatically syncs your passwords across all platforms.

Store more than passwords

  • Save secure notes, like your Wi-Fi password, and always have them with you (and not on the back of your router).
  • Add credit card details and your shipping address to shop faster online.
  • Learn more about everything NordPass Premium features have to offer.

Give your family the gift of quick and secure browsing

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5 unique accounts
Save unlimited passwords
Keep notes & credit cards
Generate unique passwords
Protect passwords with MFA
Stay logged in when switching devices
Share items with others
Identify weak, old, and reused passwords
Scan the web for data leaks
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