The Top 10 Cybersecurity Podcasts to Follow in 2021

Keeping up to date with cybersecurity news is important if you want to remain safe in today’s tech-dependent world. Luckily, there’s no shortage of material you can pick from to clue yourself in. Whether you’re a tech rookie looking to expand your knowledge banks or a cybersec veteran on a lookout for something interesting to listen to — these are the podcasts you need to pay attention to in 2021.

Darknet Diaries

Something that should be on everyone’s watchlist, Darkest Diaries is undeniably one of the most interesting podcasts. This investigative podcast delves into true stories involving cybercrime, hackers, and everything else shady on the net.

7 Minute Security

This is perfect for those who can’t dedicate an hour or two to sit down and listen to a full-length podcast. These 7-minute snippets feature everything from technical security tests and online privacy tips to career advice for those looking to enter the industry.

Security Now!

Hosted by Steve Gibson, a true veteran of cybersecurity — he created the world’s first anti-malware program. He knows his stuff and has been hosting Security Now! since 2005, where his regular rotation of guests discuss the latest cybersecurity news for 2 hours every week.

The 443 - Security Simplified

White hat hackers help this podcast focus on breaking down some of the more complex cybersecurity headlines for less tech-savvy listeners. Alongside these ‘good-guy’ hackers, security experts and other cybersec aficionados will also weigh in on the issues, offering unique windows of insight.

Smashing Security

Despite being one of the more casual listens on this list, Smashing Security is no less informative. Choosing instead to address issues with a light-hearted tone, the cybersecurity-veteran hosts still manage to handle weighty topics with ease. Check it out if you want to laugh while you learn.

The Social-Engineer Podcast

The Social-Engineer Podcast is probably one of the most important items on this list. This podcast looks into recognizing and mitigating the effects of socially engineered cybercrimes. Do yourself a favor and make this a part of your weekly podcast rotation. After all, there’s no worse feeling than finding out that a hacker managed to manipulate the way you think in order to scam you.

Malicious Life

If you want the full and unrated history of cybercrime, then Malicious Life is for you. Featuring interviews from hackers, experts, and politicians, Malicious Life’s timeline starts in the 1970s and works its way straight to modern day. If you’re curious about the invention of hacking, viruses, and malware, give this a shot.


Cyberwire is your standard daily news and breakdown podcast. They’ll talk about the latest issues and summarize them appropriately for the audience. With a healthy dose of industry expert opinions, Cyberwire’s daily podcast is a good way to stay on top of your cybersec news.

The Cyberlaw Podcast

This podcast is hosted by Stewart Baker, an attorney that specializes in privacy and cybersecurity. Stewart is regularly joined by a myriad of different tech and security experts where they discuss the latest news. The podcast has a heavy focus on the legal aspect of cybersecurity and often offers differing viewpoints and healthy debates.

Down The Security Rabbithole

Down The Security Rabbithole is aimed at business-oriented people with an interest in tech. This podcast shows the latest cybersecurity news and controversies through a business-first lens. The hosts offer a unique take on information security that isn’t available from anyone else on this list.

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