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How Bizimply Made Password Security Easy and Effective with NordPass

Gerald Kasulis
Head of Business Operations

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic back in early 2020 created the perfect circumstances for cybercrooks to access an enormous base of potential victims. The majority of business operations transitioned to remote work for the first time without fully comprehending the risks. Nowadays, when a cyber attack occurs every 39 seconds and cybercrime damages are set to reach $6 trillion this year, cybersecurity is more important than ever.

Today, we’re speaking with Katie Whiteside, Head of Business Operations & Finance at Bizimply, and looking at how NordPass created a simple and stress-free password management environment within Bizimply, a company that develops and provides software solutions for workforce management.

Even tech professionals struggle with password security

You’d be inclined to believe that, out of all the professionals in the world, IT professionals are the ones who are not phased by cybersecurity and related challenges. Unfortunately, such beliefs are rather misleading.

A recent study found that 50% of IT professionals have reused passwords on work-related accounts at least once. The same study also revealed that 49% of the surveyed professionals in the IT & Tech industry have shared passwords with a colleague in an unsafe way. In fact, the NordPass Fortune 500 study found that IT & Tech professionals tend to use the same mediocre passwords as professionals from other industries.

However, the rise in cybercrime during the lockdowns has forced many companies around the globe to reevaluate their security approach. In general, this has had a positive impact, as more businesses have become much more aware of the importance cybersecurity has in today's digital economy.

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Meet Bizimply

Bizimply is a software as a service (SaaS) company that focuses on developing and providing software solutions to hospitality and retail businesses to help them manage their workforce in the most efficient and simplest way possible. Bizimply’s software solution allows those businesses to store basic HR information, set up shift schedules, manage employee workload, and much more. Currently, Bizimply provides its services to the Irish and UK markets.

Why is cybersecurity so important for a productivity product?

Katie notes that, because Bizimply handles large quantities of customer data, the company takes cybersecurity seriously every step of the way. It has what they call a mini InfoSec task force, which comprises representatives from every department and whose responsibility is to ensure information security within their respective department. This allows Bizimply to be sure that the entire information infrastructure and controls are in place and everyone is on the same page. The company runs scheduled in-house security reviews to ensure that they are keeping up with the latest security trends.

Why does finding the right password manager matter?

Corporate password managers are made to ensure that password security in a business setting is easy and effective. However, no two password managers are exactly the same. Businesses need to find the fit that’s right for them.

  • “Before we adopted NordPass, we used quite a few different password managers. However, most fell short because they had a rather poor user interface, and the overall user experience was subpar. In turn, our employees ended up using different password managers, which made password security within the company less effective.”

    Katie Whiteside, Head of Business Operations & Finance at Bizimply

How has NordPass made password security simple and effective?

NordPass is built with simplicity in mind. We believe that security tools don’t need to be overcomplicated. So, it’s NordPass’s simplicity that helps users build good password habits.

  • “The deployment procedure was quite self-explanatory, which enabled a swift deployment for company-wide use. Because NordPass is so user-friendly, none of the employees had any trouble adopting the new tool. In fact, it was very easy to get a handle on NordPass as soon as it was deployed. No training sessions were required whatsoever.”

    Katie Whiteside, Head of Business Operations & Finance at Bizimply

Secure password sharing made easy

Password sharing in a modern-day office environment is inevitable. Unfortunately, sharing such information securely can often be a real hassle. NordPass Business is here to help.

  • “Secure Item Sharing is one of those features that everyone in the company loves. It made cooperation between different teams so much easier and more secure.”

    Katie Whiteside, Head of Business Operations & Finance at Bizimply

No need to manually type passwords

The autofill and autosave functionalities in NordPass Business are designed to ensure that users don’t have to waste time manually typing their different complex passwords every time they need to log in to a certain account.

  • “The autofill and autosave features are also universally loved. The staff love the fact that they no longer have to manually type or even come up with new passwords. NordPass does everything for them.”

    Katie Whiteside, Head of Business Operations & Finance at Bizimply

A single place to manage users

The NordPass Business Admin Panel is an all-in-one platform that helps organization Owners and Admins manage members. The Admin Panel provides a complete overview of users and their passwords within the organization.

  • “The mini InfoSec task force at Bizimply came to love the functionality of the Admin Panel. They tell me it allows them to carefully track the way passwords are used within the company and provides a variety of other functionalities such as Password Policy, a feature that sets out the rules of password creation across the entire organization.”

    Katie Whiteside, Head of Business Operations & Finance at Bizimply

According to Katie, for more than a year now, NordPass has helped the company develop great password hygiene, which in turn has significantly improved the entire company’s security posture.

If you’re looking for a way to make password security easy and effective within your organization, please contact our representative to schedule a demo call. Discover how NordPass works and why so many companies already love it.

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