The Sale Continues!

Lukas Grigas
Cybersecurity Content Writer
extended sale

Today we’re thrilled to let you know that our current Sale will be extended. The extended sale will run until the 22nd of March, 2022. The extension also applies to our current NordPass Business + Personal sale. Here’s a quick overview of the sales conditions and how NordPass can help you boost your cybersecurity.

The ins and outs of the deal

The terms and conditions for our extended sale will remain the same as those of the Current one. You can save up to 60% on the 1-year Premium plan, which round up at $1.99/mo, and get up to 70% off the 2-year Premium plan, which rounds at $1.49/mo Please note that the price is subject to change based on your local currency and VAT laws and regulations. The end date for the sale is set at 2PM of March 22, 2022.

The NordPass Business + Personal sale also extends. The terms and conditions of the sale will remain the same, meaning that special deal is valid for the initial purchase of the 1-year and 2-year NordPass Business plans. Remember that the number of complementary NordPass Premium Accounts for your team will be the same as the number of purchased NordPass Business licenses.

NordPass Premium: password security made easy for individuals and businesses

NordPass is an intuitive password manager designed to help you securely store all your passwords in a single encrypted vault and access them whenever you need them. Having a password manager means that you will only need to remember a single password — your Master Password — to unlock your NordPass vault and access everything stored in your vault. It also means that you will no longer have to manually type your login credentials when logging in to your favorite online accounts.

With a Premium plan, you gain access to all the extra features and tools that are designed to boost your overall cybersecurity.

Data Breach Scanner is one of the Premium tools built to help you find out whether any of your sensitive data has ever been exposed in a data leak and if you need to take action to protect it.

Password Health, another Premium feature, is there to help you assess your password strength. The tool works by running an in-depth analysis of all the passwords stored in the NordPass vault and identifying whether any of them are weak, old, or reused.

For organizations, NordPass Business brings an easy, yet effective and secure way to ensure password security within the company. Designed with the user in mind NordPass Business offers an intuitive user interface, which facilitates quick and smooth user adoption regardless of IT expertise. Additionally, NordPass Business provides easily enforceable company-wide Password Policies, a way to securely share passwords within the organization along with a Data Breach Scanner, which is fine-tuned for business needs and a Password Health tool designed to identify weak spots in your company’s passwords.

Don’t miss your chance to up your cybersecurity game today!

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