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Lukas Grigas
Cybersecurity Content Writer
security dashboard

Meet the Dashboard – a single place where NordPass organization Owners or Admins can see detailed information about the entire organization.

From member statuses to critical security insights, the Dashboard ensures you're always a step ahead in securing your organization. Discover its features, including the Password Health and Data Breach Scanner, and learn how they work in tandem to fortify your company's defenses.

Dashboard: What is it?

The Dashboard, which you can find in the NordPass Admin Panel, is specially-built to provide organization Owners and Admins with internal security insights relevant to the company so appropriate actions could be taken if needed.

The Dashboard view includes a complete count of members and licenses. There you can also see the status of all the members within the organization, if they are active, pending, or suspended. This comes in handy when you want to quickly resend invitations for those who need a little nudge to join the organization. The other two sections of the Dashboard — Data Breach Scanner and Password Health — are focused on company-wide security.

Company-wide Password Health

Password Health provides instant, in-depth insights into your company’s passwords. It works by scanning all the passwords stored in the organization's members vaults and evaluating their strength as well as potential vulnerabilities. As soon as the scan is complete, the Password Health feature will categorize any potentially vulnerable passwords into weak, reused, or old. Any passwords that fall into any of the mentioned categories are considered at significant risk and should be changed immediately to prevent any cybersecurity incidents.

Company-wide Data Breach Scanner

The Data Breach Scanner is a security feature purpose-built to help companies identify potential security breaches as soon as possible. With the help of the Data Breach Scanner, the organization can be informed about whether their email domains or passwords have appeared in a data breach. The feature is there to empower businesses to act in a quick and timely manner to minimize the outcomes of a potential breach. The Data Breach Scanner collects incident data related to the company domain, not just the licensed users. So, if your company has 100 email accounts yet only 10 licensed users, you will still receive information about all 100 email accounts from both the public and dark web sources. To learn all about the Data Breach Scanner and ways that it can be used to further improve your organization’s overall cybersecurity, you can read our blog post covering the feature extensively.

More to come

As we continue to move forward with NordPass, the Dashboard is yet another handy feature that can make organizational security easier to navigate and implement. For the future, our roadmap includes continuous improvements and introductions of new features, in order to make NordPass the best it can be. So stay tuned, more great additions are just around the corner.

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