NordPass Business introduces Security Dashboard

We love delivering on our promises to you. Earlier this year, we announced that NordPass Business will be introducing a Security Dashboard – a single place where organization owners or solution admins can see detailed information about password management. Today, we are excited to announce that Security Dashboard is finally here. Let’s see what it is and how it will make your business even more secure.

Security Dashboard: what is it?

The Security Dashboard, which you can find in the NordPass Business Admin Panel, is purpose-built to provide organization owners and admins with internal security insights relevant to the company so appropriate actions could be taken if needed.

The dashboard view includes a complete count of members and licenses. You can also see the status of all the members within the organization, if they are active, pending, suspended, or recovered. The other two sections of the new Security Dashboard — Data Breach Scanner and Password Health — are focused on company-wide security. In this release, the dashboard includes only Password Health, since Data Breach Scanner is still in the works but will be available soon.

Company-wide Password Health

Password Health, one of the core features of the newly introduced Security Dashboard in the NordPass Business Admin Panel, provides further insight into your company’s passwords. It informs owners as well as admins if any of the company’s passwords are weak, reused, or old.

Password Health scans all the passwords stored in the organization's vaults and evaluates their strength and potential vulnerabilities. As soon as the scan is complete, the Password Health feature will categorize any potentially vulnerable passwords into weak, reused, or old.

All the information about the organization’s password health is displayed on the Password Health page under the Security Dashboard. You can also view the percentage of vulnerable passwords in a detailed graph and see the statistics of weak, old, or reused passwords. Any passwords that fall into any of the three categories are considered vulnerable and should be changed immediately to prevent any cybersecurity threats before they happen.

More to come

As we continue to move forward with NordPass Business, the introduction of the Security Dashboard is not the end of the road. Our roadmap includes further improvements and introductions of new features, which will continue to make NordPass Business even better for you. You will soon see the dashboard updated with the Data Breach Scanner functionality, which will allow you to check whether any of your company’s data has been exposed in a data breach.

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