New Feature: Scan Data Breaches and Protect Your Data

Ruth Rawlings
animated man getting a data breach report

More tools to make your online life safer and easier? You bet. NordPass is proud to present to you the Data Breach Scanner. This new feature will help you find out if your sensitive data has ever been leaked and appeared in data breaches. You can then take action to protect your accounts, money, and identity.

What is Data Breach Scanner?

Data Breach Scanner is an in-built NordPass Premium feature that scans the web to see whether your sensitive data has appeared in any breaches. Leaks and breaches do not necessarily leak all your information — it may have been only your username, password, IP address, or location. Data Breach Scanner will help you identify which pieces of your data might be vulnerable. Here’s what you’ll see when you perform a scan.

data breach scanner results displayed interface

The tool will also present you with a list of websites that failed to guard your data when the breach happened, along with a short description of how it happened. It will also show you a list of emails from your vault that have never been compromised, so you would know that they are safe and no immediate action needs to be taken.

Why are data breaches dangerous?

You can do many things to protect your data. However, that’s not always enough. If you have ever used an online service or created an account on any website, you put your data in the hands of that company, trusting that they will take the best care of your data and protect it from hackers. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Data might leak because of security holes in their system, or it can be stolen by hackers.

Through breaches and leaks, your sensitive information can end up in the wrong hands, who will then use your credentials to break into your accounts. This could lead to identity or money theft, blackmailing, or future attacks. However, you can take preventative measures to protect yourself even if your data was compromised.

Do I need the Data Breach Scanner?

You can use NordPass’s Data Breach Scanner to scan the web and see whether your details have ever appeared in any breaches. You can then take action to protect your accounts and sensitive data.

If your accounts were compromised, it’s advisable to at least change your passwords. If it’s any other data, such as your credit card details, monitor your bank balance for suspicious activity and, if you notice anything, contact your bank immediately.

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