New MFA Method: Sign in to NordPass with a Security Key

Ruth Rawlings
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Your NordPass account is only as safe as you make it, and our team wants you to have all the necessary tools for the best possible protection. That’s why Nord Account is introducing a new multi-factor authentication method — a physical security key which you can use to log in to your NordPass account.

Why use a security key as a MFA method?

There are multiple ways to set up multi-factor authentication (MFA). One of the most common methods is temporary numerical codes you receive via text or email or have generated by a dedicated app, like Google Authenticator. You’ve already been able to use authentication apps with your NordPass account. So why did we add a hardware option? There are a few reasons:

  • It’s more secure. Security keys use asymmetric cryptography to authenticate your login details. This means that the servers encrypt a challenge with your public key, then the platform you are logging in can decrypt it with your physical key. If the results match, you are signed into the desired website. With such a security method, the only way hackers could break into your account is by having physical access to your key.

  • It’s not tied to your identity and it doesn’t leave a digital footprint. It simply helps platforms confirm that you are the same user. It doesn’t store any information about who you are or what your passwords are, nor does it store your data on remote servers.

  • It’s easy to use. Security keys are ubiquitous and recognized by more and more platforms. In the future, when biometrics replace passwords, you’ll be able to log in to your accounts with a simple tap of a finger.

What security keys can I use?

Nord Account supports U2F security keys certified by FIDO. These include the Security Key series, Yubikey 5 series, iePass FIDO K44, MultiPass FIDO K25, ePass FIDO NFC K9 and K35, BioPass FIDO K26 and K27, as well as others.

How to set up a security key with your Nord Account

  1. Log in to Nord Account and go to Account Settings.

  2. Go to the MFA section via the Account Security tab.

  3. Enter your Nord Account password to enable MFA.

  4. Next to the Security Key, click Set up a Key.

  5. Tap your security key or insert it into your device. Your device will automatically register the key.

How to sign in to NordPass with your security key

  1. Open the NordPass app and click Log In with Nord Account.

  2. Enter your Nord Account email and password.

  3. If your security key has previously been set up, you’ll be prompted to insert your key.

  4. If the key matches your information, the app will automatically recognize you, sign you in, and take you back to the NordPass app. Voilà!

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