Here Are a Few of the Lessons We Have Learned Over the Year

Lukas Grigas
Cybersecurity Content Writer
first year lessons

It’s been only a year since we introduced NordPass to the public, but what a year it was. We faced challenges without fear in our hearts and came out on top. Most importantly, we were open to new ideas and concepts, and so we learned a lot. The NordPass team grew not only in numbers but also in expertise, skills, and capabilities. As we reflect on our first year, here are a few lessons we have learned this year as a team.

The value of incremental progress

The devil’s in the details, yet, too often, we overlook them and focus on the big picture. Over our first year, we internalized the idea that what at first sight might seem as an insignificant improvement can yield the most impressive results. To improve our team members’ posture, we introduced extra desktop monitors, believing that such a small improvement could positively affect our productivity as well.

Every week, we release a product update. Not fearing to fail, we embrace learning from our mistakes. It’s all about the incremental progress, which proves to be vital for the best product experience. That's why we have at least 55 different releases per year. Today's product is better than yesterday’s.

At NordPass, we believe that product success relies on how far we progress as people and professionals, so we prize personal improvement. We read, learn, and share our knowledge in an effort to never stop progressing. The continual growth moves us forward — now we achieve 100% of our capabilities, but, let’s say, in three months it will only be 90% of that capacity.

Peace of mind

While making NordPass the best password manager out there is our goal, over the year, we came to understand that what we do is more than product development. We strive to provide a little peace of mind for every single NordPass user. The core idea that drives us is the fact that we can make your digital life less stressful and so much more enjoyable. We strive to develop an affordable digital security solution that allows our users to enjoy the internet worry-free, the way it was meant to be.

Users come first

The truth is that it’s all about you — our users. Our users can be demanding, but that’s what makes NordPass and us better. At the end of the day, we believe that we built a close and vital connection with you over the year. Feedback, suggestions, reviews, or just a few nice words all have affected NordPass. Whether we’re talking about design refinements or new features, our users had a say on all of it. Looking at what we have achieved during our first year, it is more than evident that our user-first approach has produced outstanding results.


Two heads are better than one. In our experience, the saying holds, even if the number is immensely larger. At NordPass, we don’t limit ourselves. We believe in the difference of opinion and the power of discussion. Letting people be blatantly passionate about their ideas has been our key to success this year. Our diverse team is what makes NordPass great. The same principle applies to the entire NordPass community — we love hearing honest opinions about NordPass from our users, and we take them seriously. Ultimately, it’s all about collaboration here at NordPass.

No silos culture

This ties nicely with our take on the importance of collaboration. For those out of the loop, a silo mentality is when different teams in the same company purposely refrain from sharing valuable information with other organization members. At NordPass, this is a hard no. The best ideas over this year came from interactions between different teams. Sharing is caring, and while it might sound cheesy, our team has experienced the power of collaboration firsthand.

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