Celebrating a Year of NordPass: How We Became the #2 Best Password Manager

Ruth Rawlings
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Time flies. At NordPass, we can hardly believe it has been a whole year since we embarked on our journey to develop an affordable, secure, and easy-to-use cybersecurity tool. We are proud of starting a community where digital life is made easy and secure. Over the year, we made numerous improvements to NordPass for a better user experience. As we continue on our journey, we aim to deliver even more improvements to further enhance your online security and browsing experience. Today, we are using this special occasion to look back and reflect on everything we have achieved over the past year.

A year in review: new features and tools

From the very beginning of NordPass, we focused on the importance of the community and its input in our development processes. Last year, we spent a lot of time gathering your valuable feedback and making your wishes come true.

Auto Import

This year, one of the key additions to NordPass was the introduction of the Auto Import feature. It enabled our users to automatically import all their passwords from their browser without going through the tedious process of exporting all their login credentials manually and importing them to NordPass. Auto Import wasn’t perfect from the outset — we admit that. But with further improvements, we made it more convenient and intuitive. Even though it doesn’t support all browsers yet, our team is working hard to make Auto Import even better.


The Autofill feature has been a part of NordPass from the start. It was designed for our users to avoid tedious typing situations and experience the Internet securely and smoothly. Over the year, we improved Autofill and now NordPass users can automatically fill in not only their login credentials but credit card details as well. This further improved our users’ experience allowing them to shop online safely and quickly, without having to fill in card details every time. We are about to release Autofill functionality for personal information very soon!

Password Health

Besides functional improvements, we also equipped NordPass with additional security tools. The new Password Health feature is designed to help our users identify weak, reused, or compromised passwords in their NordPass vault.

Data Breach Scanner

Data Breach Scanner is another security feature we added to NordPass. Thanks to this tool, our users can find out if any of their personal data, including emails and passwords, has appeared in a data leak. Data Breach Scanner is designed to automatically scan the web for leaked databases and then compare them to all the items stored in the NordPass user’s vault.

Other improvements

Our continuous efforts to improve NordPass haven't gone unnoticed. TechRadar, a British online publication focused on technology, now rates NordPass as the #2 best password manager out there. We take pride in such an assessment but look forward to claiming the #1 spot.

Aside from the previously mentioned features and tools, we introduced a number of other functionalities over the year. These improvements were designed to improve your experience with NordPass as well as cybersecurity and help you lead stress-free digital life. Here are some other improvements and additions we introduced over our first year:

A year of changes

Some significant developments happened in the design department. From the beginning, we knew that the visual presentation of NordPass was important to our community and took the time to get everything right.

Our community’s feedback considerably shaped the approach we took while improving the NordPass user interface. This year, each NordPass application, whether it was a desktop, iOS, or Android version, received a variety of UX and design improvements. By making small changes like icon adjustments, asset rearrangements, or general clean-ups, we not only made it visually pleasing but also improved our user’s experience.

This year, we are laser-focused on delivering the dark mode to our community, as it was the most requested feature. A dark theme will revamp every color, icon, and font in the NordPass app for a look that is easier on the eyes.

Here’s a glimpse of how NordPass changed over the year:

A year of audit: Cure53

At NordPass, security is the top priority. This is why we invited an independent cybersecurity expert, Cure53, to perform an information security audit before even launching NordPass to the public.

During the extensive auditing procedure, the experts at Cure53 examined our cryptographic premise, source code, the NordPass background application, and its codebase. After months of analysis, the independent auditors finalized their findings by saying:

Numerous positive observations have been made in relation to the level of detail and adherence to the specification, clarity and readability of the Go code and implementation, overall security of the desktop application, browser extension, as well as iOS and Android branches of the NordPass applications.

The audit provided the public as well as our community with an independent security assessment of NordPass’s security. For a comprehensive overview of the Cure53 audit, check out our blog post covering the topic.

A year for businesses

In addition to functional and UX improvements, we also introduced a full-blown business solution. Though still young, NordPass for Business has already gained traction in the corporate world.

Besides all the core NordPass features and tools, the business solution is tailored to suit corporate needs. It allows companies to manage and share passwords on a large scale securely. We also made it possible to manage the organization’s members and grant or revoke specific roles such as Admin or Owner.

As the 2010s saw an increasing number of data breaches, we look forward to further serving corporate needs and developing a leading corporate password management solution. This year, our NordPass business users can expect further functional improvements that will make corporate password management even easier than it is now.

Community feedback

What we’re most proud of is establishing a community where digital life is secure and everyone’s voice is heard. Over this year, we did our best to develop meaningful communication channels with our users to deliver effective improvements to NordPass and provide reliable customer service.

We want to share with you a couple of community insights that put a smile on our faces:

testimonial pramish luiteltestimonial mat hunt

We’re only getting started

It’s been one year, but we’re only getting started. At NordPass, we feel confident about what we have achieved and what we will achieve in the future. Of course, we expect to release many more improvements to NordPass in the upcoming years to make your digital life secure and stress-free. If you are interested in helping us out with making NordPass even better, please send us your feedback on what’s important to you. We are more than happy to hear you out. Here you can find our Reddit Feature Request thread.

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