How to share your Wi-Fi password

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how to share Wi-Fi password

Access to a fast internet connection through Wi-Fi has become indispensable in both our professional and personal lives. Consequently, it's now common for us to want to share Wi-Fi access with colleagues at work and loved ones at home so they can easily connect to the Internet at high speeds as well.

However, with threats like Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) Attacks and Packet Sniffing, where cybercriminals try to intercept or manipulate communication, sharing Wi-Fi passwords must be done cautiously. So, in this article, we'll explore a few safe and convenient methods for sharing Wi-Fi passwords.

How to share a Wi-Fi password on iPhone, iPad and MacBook

Sharing a Wi-Fi password between Apple devices, such as iPhone, iPad, and MacBook, is quite straightforward — especially if the devices are up-to-date with the latest iOS, iPadOS, or macOS versions. In fact, the entire sharing process can be completed in three easy steps. They are:

  1. Turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on both Apple devices and keep them nearby.

  2. Select the Wi-Fi network on the device you want to connect.

  3. A prompt will appear on the other device sharing the password. Tap Share Password, then tap Done.

How to share a Wi-Fi password on Android devices

Sharing a Wi-Fi password using an Android device can also be done without too much effort. There are two ways you can approach it:

  1. Create a QR code

    If your device is running an Android 10 system or higher, you can share your Wi-Fi password by creating a QR code. For that, go to Settings and access your device's Wi-Fi settings. Next, tap the gear or information icon next to the Wi-Fi network for which you want to share your password and select Share to generate a QR code. The person seeking Wi-Fi access can either scan the QR code using their device's camera or navigate to the device's Wi-Fi settings, select Add network, and then scan the code.

  2. Use the Nearby Share feature

    Access your device's Wi-Fi settings, select the network you wish to share, and then choose Nearby or Nearby Share. Your device will scan for nearby devices, enabling you to choose the one you want to share Wi-Fi access with. The recipient will receive a connection request on their device, which they'll need to accept to get access to the Wi-Fi network.

How to share a Wi-Fi password on Windows devices

As far as we are aware, there's no quick and easy method available to share Wi-Fi passwords from Windows devices at the moment. This means that to share your password with someone, you'll need to provide it to them directly or use third-party software for that. If you've forgotten your Wi-Fi password, you can retrieve it by following these steps:

  1. Go to Windows settings and choose the Network & Internet tab.

  2. Navigate to the Network and Sharing Center.

  3. Locate the network for which you want to share the password.

  4. Click on Wireless Network Properties.

  5. Access the Security tab and click on the Show characters box to see the password.

Once you check what your Wi-Fi password is, you can share it with the intended recipient.

Top security practices for sharing a Wi-Fi password

Sharing Wi-Fi passwords through Apple or Android devices relies on operating system services, which may not be completely secure. Additionally, there are always instances where we need to share passwords with people using devices from different brands. In both cases, following specific security guidelines is essential to prevent password breaches. Here's what we recommend you should do.

Firstly, when sharing a password, opt for secure methods like encrypted platforms or in-person exchange, avoiding the public eye or unprotected communication channels.

Furthermore, ensure your Wi-Fi network is secured with WPA2 or WPA3 encryption protocols to deter unauthorized access. Avoid older and less secure encryption standards such as WEP.

Additionally, consider generating temporary passwords for your guests. Many routers provide the option to create time-limited guest passwords, which is ideal for short-term visitors.

Best tip — Use a password manager to store and share your passwords

If, at this point in reading this article, you wish there was a single solution that would allow you to quickly and securely share all your passwords, including the one for Wi-Fi, let us assure you that such a solution exists, and it’s called NordPass.

NordPass is a cybersecurity tool that enables you to store, manage, and share passwords, passkeys, credit card details, and other sensitive information with ease. Because it is encrypted, it ensures that storing and sharing passwords is much more secure, while its intuitive interface makes the whole process effortless.

Moreover, NordPass features a Data Breach Scanner, a feature that allows you to check if your data, including your passwords, has been compromised in a breach. That way, you can stay informed about the security of your credentials and take immediate action when necessary.

So, if the security of your Wi-Fi passwords and other credentials is important to you, try NordPass to be able to share them without second thoughts.

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