Making Onboarding Your Team to NordPass Business Easier

Benjamin Scott
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Today we provide a few essential tips that will make the process of onboarding your team to NordPass Business a whole lot easier. Whether you run a large corporation or a small enterprise, the procedure is quick and easy.

Educate your team

As more and more data breaches make the news each passing day and affect businesses of all sorts, too often poor password security is the culprit behind it all. So, a great way to start the onboarding process is by reaching out to your team and educating them on the main issues of password security.

Start by explaining how weak or reused passwords can cause a breach and how those breaches can negatively affect the organization. Clearly describe the qualities of a strong password and try setting a company-wide policy on password strength. Moreover, introduce your team to NordPass, detail how it works, and clearly outline how the solutions will improve your company’s security as a whole.

Onboarding: a step-by-step guide

Here’s a quick rundown of how to get your company on NordPass Business smoothly.

  1. Check your inbox for an introductory NordPass Business email

    In the email click Create Business Account to start the process

    improved business client onboarding
  2. Create your Business Account

    Create a complex, unique password for your Business Account.

    improved business client onboarding
  3. Download and install NordPass

    Get the NordPass app and install it on your device.

    improved business client onboarding
  4. Select Log in to Business

    Start the NordPass app and tap or click Log in to Business.

    onboarding login
  5. Log in to your Business Account

    Use the newly created password to login in to your Business Account.

  6. Create your Master Password

    Create a Master Password that will unlock your NordPass Business encrypted vault.

    create master password
  7. Accept your organization’s invitation to join NordPass Business

    Select Accept to join your organization on NordPass Business.

    invitation to join

Download the detailed onboarding guide

We’re here to help

If you need further assistance in deploying NordPass for your company or have any inquiries regarding the onboarding process, we are happy to help. We also offer training opportunities for your team to get the feel of NordPass Business quickly and easily. Feel free to contact us at [email protected] for a product demo call.

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