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Making Onboarding Your Team to NordPass Business Easier

Today we provide a few essential tips that will make the process of onboarding your team to NordPass Business a whole lot easier. Whether you run a large corporation or a small enterprise, the procedure is quick and easy.

Educate your team

As more and more data breaches make the news each passing day and affect businesses of all sorts, too often poor password security is the culprit behind it all. So, a great way to start the onboarding process is by reaching out to your team and educating them on the main issues of password security.

Start by explaining how weak or reused passwords can cause a breach and how those breaches can negatively affect the organization. Clearly describe the qualities of a strong password and try setting a company-wide policy on password strength. Moreover, introduce your team to NordPass, detail how it works, and clearly outline how the solutions will improve your company’s security as a whole.

Onboarding: a step-by-step guide

Here’s a quick rundown of how to get your company on NordPass Business smoothly.

  1. Check the introductory email to Admin Panel

    (Please note that you will need to create a Nord Account if you do not have it already)

  2. Follow the link in the email and log in to the Admin Panel with your Nord Account

  3. There are a few ways to invite members:

    • by writing down your colleagues email addresses

    • by uploading a file with their email addresses

    • by generating and sharing a secure link

      (Note that to share the link via email so that the member can join successfully, you need to add the invitees' email domain to the trusted domains list).

      (Approve the pending invite in the Admin Panel).

  4. Once invited, all the users receive an email with further onboarding instructions

We’re here to help

If you need further assistance in deploying NordPass for your company or have any inquiries regarding the onboarding process, we are happy to help. We also offer training opportunities for your team to get the feel of NordPass Business quickly and easily. Feel free to contact us at [email protected] for a product demo call.

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