NordPass Introduces a New Tool for Business

Monica Webster
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We are proud to announce that NordPass has launched the long-awaited NordPass Business Beta version! Small and medium-sized businesses can now manage their members' accounts in a single place — the Admin Panel. Read this post to learn more about how NordPass can help you protect your company’s passwords.

What is NordPass for Business?

NordPass for Business is a password manager created for small and medium enterprises. It provides your employees with a secure and easy-to-use platform, where they can store, access, and share their work passwords. They can also enjoy all NordPass Premium features, such as:

Learn about NordPass for Business or explore all NordPass features.

What is the Admin Panel?

The Admin Panel is an all-in-one platform developed to help a company’s Owners and Admins manage members who use NordPass. It comes with your NordPass for Business subscription.

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What can you do in the Admin Panel?

As the Owner or Admin, you can invite members to join your company via email or a shared link, or you can simply upload a list of email addresses to add members in bulk. The panel also allows you to deactivate, delete, or give members admin rights.

You can currently use the Beta version of the Admin Panel, but the NordPass team is continuously working on adding new features. Soon, you’ll be able to organize your company’s members into groups, apply organization-wide settings, and monitor your members’ activities.

I'm a NordPass Business user. What’s next?

If you manage your organization’s NordPass account, you should soon receive an email with a step-by-step guide on how to activate your Admin Panel. Once activated, you’ll be able to invite other members and help your colleagues move their accounts to NordPass Business.

If you are a user within an organization, your Admin will send you an invitation to join. You will then be able to transfer all your items to your Business account and share them with your colleagues.

Note that once you transfer to Business, your passwords will be accessible to your organization. If you wish to keep your passwords private, we recommend exporting them first and joining with an empty vault. Follow these step-by-step guides on how to export your passwords or join your company with the existing ones.

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