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Ruth Rawlings
product update

Did someone say “more features”? Yes, the NordPass mobile app now has even more features. Scan your notes with OCR scanner, use biometrics to unlock the app, autofill your passwords, and access them offline. In addition to all this, NordPass now also supports Android and iOS tablets. Read more about the new features below.

OCR scanner (Android and iOS)

No one’s got time to enter their details manually. That’s what OCR scanning is for, a technology used to recognize text in documents, photos, or image files. OCR simply scans your photos and written or typed notes and turns them into editable text.

What does it mean for you? You can import your credit card details with a simple snap and never again look for your wallet when shopping online. What’s more, you can scan and store business cards, Wi-Fi codes, or any sensitive notes you want to keep safe and access easily.

Biometrics: Face ID and fingerprint (Android & iOS)

Biometric authentication is a type of security tool that helps protect your data by using your biological characteristics such as your face, fingerprints, or voice. Biometric technology is used everywhere, from your phone to airport security.

Now you can set up the NordPass app with your Face ID or your fingerprint and get quicker and safer access to your encrypted vault.

Offline access (Android & iOS mobile only)

The internet is down, but you desperately need that one password, one secure note, or that business card you saved on your NordPass app the other day? Not a problem. Now you can access your notes and passwords even when you are offline.

Autofill: Browser & apps (Android & iOS)

With NordPass, you can forget endlessly scrolling through your vault in search of that one and only password. The autofill feature recognizes your favorite websites and asks you whether you would like to sign in. If you do, you can sign in with just a click! Now available on your mobile NordPass app. Fill in passwords on your mobile browser and your favorite apps.

Tablet support (Android & iOS)

You should be able to access your passwords when and where you need them. You shouldn’t need to change devices or platforms for that. That’s why NordPass now supports Android and iOS tablets too.

Keep your passwords secure. Access them hassle-free.

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