An efficient way to share passwords: Meet the Groups feature

Maciej Bartłomiej Sikora
Content Writer
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At NordPass, we value our users' feedback and strive to make our password management even more convenient and user-friendly. And we always do our best to deliver on our promises.

NordPass is always evolving

Some time ago, one of the most frequently requested functionalities by our community was a feature that would allow Admins and Owners to create groups comprising numerous members of an organization to enable quick and secure sharing of passwords and other items with all members belonging to a specific group. Now, not only is this feature, simply called “Groups,” an integral part of NordPass, but it has significantly improved user experience. How so?

A more efficient way to securely share sensitive data

The Groups feature makes sharing sensitive data much easier across teams and departments and provides convenient management options for organization Owners and Admins. Let us now explain why that is the case.

As already mentioned, this feature allows members to share items such as passwords, passkeys, and credit card details with all members of a particular group at the same time (rather than with each member individually). Once the items are shared, all group members have access to it.

The Groups feature makes secure credential sharing a whole lot easier and quicker, which is also why it can improve the operational effectiveness within the company.

A newfound level of convenience in member management

This particular feature is extremely useful because groups can be created based on the specific company's requirements. This means that, for instance, you can create groups for different departments or projects. Want to separate your Marketing and IT passwords? No problem! All you need to do is create a group for each department.

You can also create a one-off group for a dedicated project that can be deleted once the project is done. Once a group is deleted, each member will lose access to items shared within the group.

What is more, you can create groups based on access rights you want to give to specific members. For instance, if you want the IT department to have limited access rights to a particular business account, you can make members of that team part of a group with appropriate access settings. This will make it easier for you to provide and manage the team’s credentials.

Of course, any group can be easily renamed or deleted within the Admin Panel's Group tab. Whether it's different departments, projects, or teams, NordPass gives you the flexibility you need.

How to use the Groups feature

Admins and Owners can access the Groups tab in the NordPass Admin Panel, where they can create groups as well as add or remove members to them. To add a member to a group, an Admin or Owner just needs to select them from the list.

groups dashboard

To share items with a group, a user simply needs to create a shared folder, put items inside it, and then share the shared folder with the group.

For more information about the Shared Folders feature, refer to our blog post.

There’s much more to come

It shouldn’t be a surprise to you that the Groups feature is one of many functionalities that we have created and added based on the feedback of our clients. This is to say that NordPass users can and should expect us to introduce new features and upgrades that will boost their productivity and facilitate their day-to-day operations without compromising security. And we definitely have more new and exciting features coming.

So stay tuned and stay safe!

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