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A New Way to Share Passwords: Introducing Groups to NordPass Business

Benjamin Scott

Every day, we earnestly listen to our users on how we can make NordPass Business an even handier password management solution and do our best to deliver on our promises.

Today we are excited to announce a brand new feature to NordPass Business. We're talking about Groups. The introduction of Groups to our business solution makes sharing sensitive data in a business setting easier and facilitates more convenient management options for organization Owners and Admins. Let's take a look at all things that Groups will bring to the table.

A more convenient way to manage users

The newly introduced Groups will appear as a tab in the NordPass Business Admin Panel. From there, the organization's Admins and Owners will be able to create groups and assign (or remove) organization members to them. Adding members to a group can be done by selecting them from the list.

Groups are handy because they can be created based on the specific company's requirements. For instance, you can create groups for different departments or projects. Say you want to separate Marketing and IT passwords, all you need to do is create a group for each department. You can also set up a one-off group for a dedicated project that can be deleted once the project is done. Any group can be easily renamed or deleted within the Admin Panel's Group tab.

A simpler way to securely share sensitive data

Groups will also make secure item sharing a whole lot easier and quicker; thus, improving operational effectiveness within the company.

With the addition of Groups to NordPass Business, any user that belongs to a group will now be able to securely share items with all the group members at the same time rather than with each member separately. Once the item is shared with a specific group, all its members will have access to all items shared with the group. All the shared items will appear in the members vaults under the ”Shared items” section and can be found using the filter.

Any item can have its share status removed or canceled at any time. In such a case the item will no longer be available to the entire group. The same principle applies to individual members removed from a group: once the member is removed, they will no longer have access to group items.

Security Dashboard is on the way

We are always working on another big improvement. Next in line is the much-requested Security Dashboard. We see it as an essential security component for NordPass Business.

The Security Dashboard will allow organization Owners and Admins to view the security status of critical areas related to password management. This includes User engagement, Password health, and Data Breach information. The dashboard will provide statistics on weak or reused passwords, as well as any company emails that might have appeared in a data breach. The addition of Security Dashboard is primarily meant to prevent any security threats from occurring but it can also be extremely important in handling any real time security threats as well. Stay tuned for more news on NordPass Business updates.

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