Invite a friend — get 3 months FREE

Invite your friends to join NordPass with a special Referral Code and get 3 months of NordPass Premium free of charge for each friend who joins NordPass.

How it Works

  1. Send out an invitation to join NordPass

    Open your NordPass application and go to the Invite a friend tab. Then, enter your friend's email address and select invite or send a message yourself.

  2. Your friend joins NordPass

    Depending on how you decide to share the Referral Code, your friend will receive an email or message from NordPass with a special code that they can use to join NordPass.

  3. You both get 3 free months of Premium

    Once your friend redeems the Referral Code and creates a Master Password for the encrypted NordPass vault, you will both receive 3 months of NordPass Premium for free. That’s it!

What do you get with NordPass Premium?

Monitor password security
Detect weak spots in your passwords and find out if any of them have appeared in a data leak. Take action to improve your password security and safeguard your favorite online accounts.
Switch between devices
Securely access your password and other sensitive data in your NordPass encrypted vault on unlimited devices, even when you’re offline.
Securely share items
Forget sharing sensitive data over unsecured channels. Send passwords and other sensitive information to other NordPass users with confidence. All it takes is just a few clicks.

Frequently asked questions

Invite your friends to join NordPass Premium

Enjoy a smooth and secure online experience.