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Webinar recordings: help your company become cyber resilient

  • Is your company prepared to handle a security incident and respond efficiently? Get expert advice about real-time threat detection and mitigation.

How to become cyber resilient? Guidance and information on cybersecurity incident response — real-time threat detection

Businesses face unprecedented cybersecurity challenges today. Many seek ways to mitigate cybersecurity risks yet often lack the in-depth know-how. Having a swift and accurate response strategy and understanding the procedures behind it is imperative for any business looking to succeed in the digital age.

The NordPass lead webinar provides participants with procedure blueprints and expert insights into responding to a cyberattack.

Here’s what industry experts discussed:

  • What is incident response and how harmful can it be to businesses?
  • Incident response vs incident handling.
  • Steps every company should take to become cyber resilient.
  • What do companies need to be prepared?
  • Roles and responsibilities.

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