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Set up the NordPass extension for the Safari browser and enjoy a smooth and secure online experience.

A safe and seamless online experience

Autosave login details
Enjoy the online world without interruptions. Automatically save new login details to NordPass
Login and go
Typing your passwords is so last decade. With NordPass, log in to your favorite online accounts with just a few clicks.
Shop swiftly
Enjoy a smooth and secure checkout experience when shopping online. Save your credit cards in NordPass and autofill the details whenever you need.

Designed for security

Our Safari password manager extension is primarily designed to help you manage your vault — all encryption and decryption happens in the background on your local device, which means our data is always out of harms way.

Audited security

The extensions for all browsers as well as all NordPass applications have been independently audited by Cure 53.

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