The NordPass Business + Personal sale is here

Gerald Kasulis
Head of Business Operations
b2b sale announcement

We are thrilled to announce the NordPass Business + Personal sale is here. Shortly put, now when you purchase NordPass Business for company-wide use, your employees receive a NordPass Premium plan for personal use. Now let’s get into the nitty gritty of the deal and why your team’s personal security practices are directly related to your business security.

Why it’s a good idea to equip your team with NordPass Premium for personal use

Business security starts at the individual level. That can’t be denied. This is why for the past few years we’ve seen businesses trying to provide the best possible cybersecurity training and tools for their teams. Here’s where we believe that equipping your employees with NordPass Premium for personal use can come in handy.

Password security is a tricky endeavor. In today’s digital age, passwords are everywhere. Our research shows that the average user has around 100 passwords. That is a lot. Some of those passwords are certainly work related. Unsurprisingly, a large portion of people take the easy way out and use easy-to-remember passwords across multiple accounts, which is obviously not ideal for individual or business security.

NordPass tackles this very issue. It provides a single place to securely store all your passwords and makes logging in a whole lot easier with the autofill functionality. Advanced security features such as Password Health and Data Breach Scanner are there to help you identify weak or reused passwords and find out if any of your passwords were leaked. Furthermore, with NordPass, you can securely share passwords and access when on up to six different devices even when you’re offline. Essentially, NordPass is designed to eliminate the hassle and annoyance related to password security and management.

By equipping your team with NordPass Premium for personal use, you’re not only showing that you care for your employees’ personal cyber security but also put everyone on the same page software-wise. Your team will become much more familiar with the ins and outs of NordPass when they use it for their personal needs. This should also accelerate the adoption process. Plus, your employees will be fostering great password hygiene on a personal as well as business level.

How the NordPass Business + Personal sale works

The special NordPass Business + Personal deal is valid for the initial purchase of the 1-year and 2-year NordPass Business plans. The number of complimentary NordPass Premium Accounts for your team will be the same as the number of purchased NordPass Business licenses.

So say you acquire 50 NordPass Business licenses. With them you will receive 50 NordPass Premium accounts meant for your employees’ personal use. These complimentary Personal Premium accounts will be valid through the initial plan of the NordPass Business plan. Your dedicated account manager will send you the activation codes for these complimentary accounts, which you will be able to share with your employees.

Keep in mind that if the NordPass Business plan is terminated at any time, the complimentary NordPass Premium subscription will be terminated as well.

So grab the special NordPass Business + Personal deal and up your employees’ as well as the company's cybersecurity posture today.

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