6 Ways How NordPass Saves Your Time

You may think that NordPass is all about security, and, of course, you’re right. But it’s also all about convenience. Check out six ways NordPass not only keeps you safe but also saves your time.

Log in to your accounts seamlessly with autofill

Log into your accounts with just a few clicks — no need to type out your credentials every time you’re accessing a service. NordPass will offer to fill them out for you. Click on the NordPass icon when logging in, and it will fill the rest of the information automatically.

Forget about password resets

Getting locked out of your account can be super frustrating, but with NordPass you don’t need to worry about forgetting your password and having to reset it. As you log into your account, the password manager saves and remembers your credentials for the next time. So you can actually follow secure password guidelines — using complex combinations, different for each account — without worrying about remembering them all.

Make bulletproof passwords in seconds

Coming up with passwords that are difficult to crack is hard. Even long phrases are now vulnerable to dictionary attacks, so you need a truly random combination of characters. Now, each time you’re creating a password, NordPass will offer to help out. It generates secure and complex character combinations instantly, so you don’t need to waste time thinking of a new password.

Sync all of your devices

Your Master Password is truly the last password you’ll need to remember. NordPass Premium not only saves your passwords but also syncs your credentials across 6 of your devices. So you don’t need to type them in each time you pick up a new gadget.

Recognize suspicious websites

NordPass helps you recognize malicious websites, so you don’t accidentally reveal your sensitive information. Let's say you receive a spoofed phishing email linking back to a duplicate of a trusted website — PayPal for example. If you have already saved your PayPal credentials, yet NordPass doesn’t autofill your logins, it’s likely fake. If NordPass offers to save your credentials for a seemingly familiar website, always check the URL at the top of the browser — it might be a phishing website.

Shop online with ease

NordPass helps you purchase anything online quickly and securely. No need to look for your wallet each time you’re shopping — the password manager remembers your credit card details for you.

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