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What is backup, and how does it work?

Backup is a process of copying and storing data to a secondary location, like a server or a device, such as a backup drive. With NordPass all information in your vault is encrypted, backed up, and synced to the cloud frequently to keep it safe.

Why do you need to use backup?

Whether it’s photos, your work presentations, or website logins, it’s always a good idea to back up your data. Let’s say your phone or computer breaks down — if your files on that device aren’t backed up, you lose everything. But if you use any of the cloud backup services, a copy of those files is stored remotely. Even if all your devices fail, you won’t lose any information from your NordPass vault. Just log in with your Master Password and access the data from any device.

Is the cloud backup safe?

Your data is completely safe with NordPass online backup. It’s all encrypted on your device, so when the information reaches our servers, we have zero-knowledge about the data you’re storing in NordPass.

What is sync, and how does it work?

Sync is a process of synchronizing stored data between all your devices. With NordPass backup and sync, your credentials and files are updated automatically. So you can access your data in the NordPass vault from anywhere — whether it’s a browser extension or the app on your phone.

Why is sync useful?

Sync helps to keep all information in your NordPass vault up to date. It’s constantly synchronized between your devices and backed up to the cloud. So, no matter which device or platform you are accessing it from, it’s always readily available at any given moment.

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