The Power of Women at NordPass (Part 1)

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Contrary to stereotypes, the tech field is not just for men. From YouTube’s CEO Susan Wojcicki to Microsoft’s CFO Amy Hood, women are at the forefront of the tech industry. The culture of today’s tech companies is changing: it’s collaborative, flexible, and diverse. And that’s also true for NordPass. Here, a whole lot of awesome women lead the company. Without them, your favorite password manager wouldn’t be the same. Today, we’re taking our time to discuss the tech industry with all these amazing ladies: Anelė (Product Owner); Julija (Product Manager); Monika (UX researcher); Kamilė (Junior Product Owner); Vaida (Illustrator). Without further ado, let’s jump in.

What makes you feel passionate about your job at NordPass and in the cybersecurity field in general?


The amazing people around me. The members of my own team are my inspiration. Their passion, knowledge, and strong voice — I couldn’t ask for better colleagues. In my opinion, the collection of people is the biggest strength of NordPass.

The cybersecurity field never sleeps: you can’t relax and make reckless decisions. You need to be aware of so many tiny details as they create a shield for our users to feel secure. Every day, we work on the newest, most advanced, or sometimes never-tried technologies.


I love being part of NordPass as its values resonate so much with my own. Working on a product that aims to keep people safe in the digital world and do it so seamlessly is something I’m really proud of. And, honestly, being surrounded by so many amazing, kind, and talented people is the best part of it all.


For most people, cybersecurity is a challenging concept to grasp. That’s because the cybersecurity threats that lurk just around the corner are very vague if you don’t have the technical know-how. I think we’ve all heard people saying that they don’t care about getting their accounts hacked or stolen, and that’s rather frightening. I believe we need to educate the upcoming generation, which, by the way, spends a whole lot of time online. We need to instil the right outlook. We do teach children how to cross a street or that they shouldn’t open the door to strangers, but we fail to teach them that online life is full of dangers and how to counter those dangers.

That’s what I love about cybersecurity — it is the chance that I get to create a safer tomorrow for other people. At first sight, NordPass is a very simple product, but all the magic happens under the hood, and that’s another thing I love about the product we’re working on.


What would you tell the other ladies out there who might consider working in a tech business but still have doubts?


The tech world is undoubtedly very dynamic, modern, and... fun! Regardless of gender, the key to success is the same — it takes a lot of dedication, persistence, and consistent work to reach your goals.

Even if you do not have a degree in science or technology, it's never too late to get started — constant learning and self-development are the main keywords of working in the tech field. All it takes is a little courage to get yourself involved. Quoting one smart lady, “Growth and comfort do not coexist”.

Dear ladies, you won't regret it. Leave the doubts behind and take this tech world by storm!


Dear Ladies,
If you’re thinking all of this sounds great but are counting yourself out because you’re not an engineer, stop it right now! I am also not an engineer. We need you.


Don’t let your own internal doubts stop you from trying. I know it’s easier said than done but ignore that little voice in your head and apply for that job you actually want. If you have the can-do attitude and are ready to work hard, you can gain the right skills in the process. :)


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Why do you think there aren’t more women in tech?


There is a myth that tech is not for females (how dare they?!) and that this field is very difficult to be in. To be honest, tech is not more difficult or challenging than other fields — all industries have their own pros and cons.


I think women too often won’t apply for a job if they don’t feel they’re 100% qualified or have exactly the right experience. That is especially true with regard to tech-related jobs.


I am not sure what the number of women working in tech is, but I hope it’s increasing. That's probably because I'm already surrounded by inspiring, brilliant-minded, creative, and simply amazing both male and female co-workers. The tech field is simply too exciting to be missed — I wish everyone interested took a chance on it!


Tell us a bit about your security habits. What would be your top tip to stay safe and productive online?


I’ve been in the IT field for pretty much half of my life. And, for the most part, I had this habit of keeping all the algorithms for creating passwords right there in my head. Sure, it allowed me to keep all of my passwords different, which is great password hygiene, but once I joined NordPass, I had this light-bulb moment. I realized that I wanted to fill my head with things that I actually enjoy. And so the password algorithms are now all gone. I have a few security tips.

  • Don’t overload your head. In a stressful situation, you won’t be able to remember that home alarm code or your husband's credit card pin. Keep all such data in NordPass. It makes life easier and much more secure.

  • The world is ever-changing. The next generation is spending more of their time online than ever before. Don’t forget to lend them a hand when it comes to cybersecurity.


To stay safe online, you need a little help. Cybersecurity tools are essential to protecting yourself in the digital world, be it a VPN or a password manager. Also, always make sure to do your research before choosing the apps and check what the company stands for, data security nuances, and so on. It’s not only important to use cybersecurity tools but also use the right ones.


I have my top 5 tips when it comes to cybersecurity:

  • Never open suspicious links;

  • If you are interested in buying an item listed on an unfamiliar website, check for reviews or any valid information about the seller;

  • Do not enter your credit card details on suspicious websites;

  • Be conscious of all your actions;

Use a password manager — both for safety and convenience.


How does NordPass make your day-to-day life different?


I just don’t need to remember my passwords or think about them at all. Everything is being taken care of — my job is to relax and log in to my accounts.


I finally don’t have to remember my husband's 12-character passwords. That brings me joy every single weekend.


I have more than 70 different passwords. Why? Because I can. When NordPass became part of my routine, I never had to worry about remembering any of my passwords, since NordPass did that all for me. Peace of mind definitely.


Working with the product so closely makes you feel like it’s such an important and known topic. But, for those who are totally unfamiliar with password safety, what would be the one thing to tell them and grab their attention?


I would tell a two-sentence horror-ish story:

You've just got an email congratulating you on your recent purchase of a new expensive gadget. You didn't order anything.

Losing your credentials or credit card details in data breaches is easier than it may look. Even though you have nothing to hide, acting carelessly with your sensitive data is like playing with fire – it feels safe until you get burnt. Better safe than sorry, right?


Try to list all the websites where you have accounts and then remember their passwords. That’s when you understand that you need a password manager because if one of your old accounts has been breached, the other with the same password might be in danger as well. But you can’t remember all the accounts that have the same password, and here’s where NordPass can help. Also, it is very healthy to check what kind of sites/products are connected with your social networks — believe me, you can find a lot of interesting stuff there.


My number one rule: don’t use the same password for multiple accounts. I think this is a good place to start.

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