3 Ways to Use NordPass for More Than Just Managing Passwords

We all tend to forget passwords or some other important data the moment we need it the most. Resetting procedures can be annoying, especially when we are in a rush to catch a good deal or book a festival ticket when there are only a few left. NordPass allows you not only to save your passwords, but also securely store and autofill other data.

What is NordPass?

NordPass is a secure password manager that stores your complex passwords and saves you from having to memorize them. The passwords are saved in an encrypted vault, protected by the super secure XChaCha20 algorithm, while the Zero-knowledge architecture ensures that no one but you can ever see the data you store.

NordPass is easy to use. When you save your passwords in the vault, it will later autofill them for you.

Three ways to use NordPass besides managing your passwords

NordPass is useful not only for storing passwords, but also securely holding your other data. You can use it for the following:

  1. Secure your notes. Keep your Wi-Fi passwords, important contacts, or any other text data safe and encrypted with NordPass. You can easily access it by using either a desktop or mobile device, as well as the NordPass browser extension;

  2. Automatically fill your credit card information. The app prompts you to automatically fill your credentials on your most visited websites. You can easily do this with just a single click;

  3. Automatically fill your personal information. If you are tired of constantly re-entering your information while filling online forms, NordPass can help you. Just enter your personal data, such as your name, address, or contact details, and the app will securely store and autofill them. To do that:

    1. Open NordPass;

    2. Select Personal Info from the left-side menu;

    3. Click Add Personal Info;

    4. Give your personal info a title, enter your details and click Save;

    5. From now on NordPass will automatically fill those details for you.

In addition to these three handy features, NordPass has a variety of other useful functions, such as an online password generator or OCR scanning. The latter can recognize text in documents and images and then turn it into editable formats. You can use this function to safely scan and put sensitive data such as credit card details into Nordpass and store it in its encrypted vault.

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