New Feature: Identify Weak Passwords with Password Health

Managing passwords for multiple accounts is no easy task. It’s even more challenging to keep tabs on whether you have ever reused your passwords or forgot to update them to stronger alternatives. But what if your password manager could do it for you by scanning all your passwords and finding the vulnerable ones so you could fix them? Now you can. Meet Password Health, the new NordPass feature.

What is Password Health?

Password Health is a new Premium feature designed to help you identify vulnerable passwords so you could update them and keep your accounts secure. NordPass automatically scans all passwords stored in your vault and shows you which accounts have passwords that need to be updated.

If you are a Premium user, you can find Password Health by signing into the NordPass app and going to Tools. Click on Password Health and wait until NordPass finishes scanning. You should then see a screen similar to the one below

What do Weak, Reused, and Old mean?

Your vulnerable passwords will appear under three tabs: Weak, Reused, and Old. Each category identifies a vulnerability that can be fixed by simply changing your password.

  • Weak passwords are easy to guess and, therefore, easy to hack. Consider changing them to longer and more complex ones. Use a random password generator to help you.

  • Reused means that two or more of your accounts use the same password. Consider changing them to unique ones, as this will minimize the damage if bad actors ever overtake any of those accounts. This way, they’ll only get access to one account — not all of them.

  • Old lists account passwords older than 90 days. It’s advisable to update your passwords regularly to keep them secure.

Now, go ahead and test the new feature. Then update your passwords to keep your accounts truly secure.

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