How to View, Edit or Delete Safari Saved Passwords

It’s sometimes hard to remember whether you’ve taken your home keys and locked the doors. That’s why so many of us love to use Safari’s password AutoFill feature. However, keeping your passwords saved there can leave you vulnerable. Find out how to view, edit and delete Safari passwords.

How to view saved passwords on Safari

  1. Open Safari and click Preferences.

  2. Select Passwords from the tab at the top. You’ll need to enter your Mac password or use touch ID to access your passwords.

  3. You can now click on any website on the list to show its stored password.

  4. If you wish to edit your details, double click on that item on the list.

How to delete saved passwords on Safari

  1. Repeat the steps above to view your passwords.

  2. Select the one you would like to delete and click on Remove. If you wish to delete multiple passwords then hold the command key, select the passwords you wish to delete, and click Remove.

How to protect your passwords and your accounts

Saving your passwords on a web browser is a no-go if you care about your cybersecurity. That’s true for any browser. If someone breaches your device, they could easily get access to all your accounts, including Facebook, Gmail and your bank accounts. That’s enough not just to find out your darkest secrets but steal your identity.

Take care of your cybersecurity by following these steps:

  1. Turn the Safari AutoFill feature off. You can turn it off by going to Safari > Preferences > Passwords and unticking AutoFill usernames and passwords.

  2. Don’t save your passwords on any browser. It might be convenient and it might be tempting but it compromises your security. Stop saving passwords on your browser starting now!

  3. Use a password manager, which is a much more secure option to saving your passwords. password manager like NordPass will help you store all your passwords in one place and will protect them with AES-256 encryption. This means that no one, not even hackers or governments, can view or steal them.

    And if you are lacking ideas how to create strong passwords for new accounts, then NordPass random password generator will help you too.

  4. Delete your passwords. Once you copy all your passwords onto a secure password vault, delete them from Safari. If you don’t, hackers will still be able to steal them.

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