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Top passwords
used by business executives

Recent research reveals that high-ranking business executives and company owners tend to use weak and easy-to-crack passwords, which significantly increases the chances of a large-scale data breach. We have compiled a detailed list of top passwords used by business executives. Explore it now.


The list of passwords was compiled in partnership with independent researchers specializing in research of cybersecurity incidents.

Password research

NordPass strives for a safer online environment. We are dedicated to raising awareness with our research endeavors. Previous studies covering password habits include Top 200 Most Common Passwords and The Misfortunate passwords of Fortune 500 companies.

Who’s affected?

The research focused on the poor password habits of high-ranking business executives and company owners. The findings have been categorized into four groups that represent different executive roles.


Passwords used by CEOs of a company.

C-level executives

Passwords used by CMOs, CROs, CTOs, CFOs, and other C-level executives.

Business Owners

Passwords used by organization owners and co-owners.


Passwords used by managerial-level team members.

Top Industries which are breached

Media and Marketing
Consumer goods
Non profit
Real estate

Interesting Findings


Top passwords

The study reveals that passwords such as 123456, password, and 123456789, are as popular among high-ranking executives as they are among ordinary internet users.


Most affected countries

France and the United Kingdom were the two countries among the most affected by data breaches. Research shows that France had over 200M passwords breached while the UK's number stands at 600M.


Most popular names

Research shows that many high-ranking business executives prefer to use names as their passwords. Among the most popular name-themed passwords are: Tiffany, (100,534), Charlie (33,699), Michael (10,647), and Jordan (10,472).


Animal and mythical creatures

Besides names, business leaders showed love for animals and mythical creatures when it came to passwords. Dragon (11,926) and monkey (11,675) were ranked high among the top animal-themed passwords used by high-ranking executives.

Top 50 passwords

Explore the top 50 most common passwords used by C-level executives, managers, and business owners.

Businesses face major risks of data breaches as high-ranking executives and business owners often struggle with password security.

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What causes corporate data breaches?

Today, corporate data breaches are more prevalent than ever. Here are a few of the leading causes of a breach.

Security tips for your organization

Deploy a password manager

These days, a business password manager is an essential tool for any organization looking to ensure a sturdy security posture. With a corporate password manager, companies can significantly improve password security and lower the risk of falling victim to a data breach.

Introduce cybersecurity training

Human error remains the leading cause of data breaches and other cybersecurity-related risks. Establishing comprehensive cybersecurity training sessions for your employees will improve your overall security stance.

Enable multi-factor authentication

Multi-factor authentication, also simply known as MFA, is an extra layer of security. Essentially, MFA is an authentication method that uses two or more mechanisms to validate the user’s identity rather thanon just a username and a password.

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