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What is zero-knowledge architecture?

  • Zero-knowledge architecture means that only you know what is stored in your vault. In cryptography, it refers to being able to prove you know something without revealing what that is. As such, our zero-knowledge password manager keeps the proof that you have the key, but not the key itself, making it very safe.
  • No one else — not even the friendly folks at NordPass — can see your passwords, credit card details, or notes. We also don’t have your Master Password, so your encrypted data will be secure even if someone breaches our servers.

What is zero-knowledge cloud storage?

Our zero-knowledge architecture extends to cloud back-ups. NordPass encrypts all of your vault data locally, so we don’t know what’s inside when you back it up on our servers — and nor will any intruder. This means NordPass can easily sync passwords across multiple devices without compromising your security.

How does zero-knowledge encryption work for NordPass?

When you create your NordPass account, you will be asked to set a Master Password. Make sure you remember it because we won’t! That’s because all the encryption and decryption take place right on your device — by the time your data reaches our servers for backup and sync, it’s fully secured from everyone, including us. We know nothing about your vault, and that’s what zero knowledge encryption is about.

Why use zero-knowledge architecture?

  • Above all, we wanted NordPass to be a secure tool for managing passwords in your everyday life. Since that meant keeping backups for easy syncing across your devices, we had to make sure that your data was safe on our end, too. Zero-knowledge architecture was the best way to achieve that.
  • With zero-knowledge encryption, your data will not be compromised even if our secure databases are breached. Attackers won’t be able to read any encrypted info — or get their hands on your Master Password for decryption. Even we don’t know it, after all.
  • Zero-knowledge architecture also protects your privacy. When we back up your data on our servers, it’s already encrypted. Neither we nor any potential intruder can tell what you’re storing in your NordPass vault. If an outside agency asks for your details, we simply have nothing to give.

What happens if zero-knowledge architecture is breached?

  • Zero-knowledge architecture can’t be breached. Or, to be more precise, even if attackers breached our databases, your data is entirely safe due to zero-knowledge architecture.
  • Once an intruder breaks through our defenses, they have access to all of your backups. One small problem, though — it’s all heavily encrypted. And even we don’t have the key to access it. If hackers leaked your entire vault to every person on the planet, that information would be useless to anyone but you.

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